StorageX Object to Object Replication

Business Challenge

Businesses are determined to drive transformation by launching new digital customer initiatives, leveraging analytics to enhance business operations, capitalizing on the internet of things (IOT) technologies, and more. With the emergence of cloud-based solutions, organizations are adopting multiple cloud services from different vendors.

As unstructured data continues to increase in volume and complexity, enterprises need to scale their production storage systems with an affordable design. Today, the cost reduction and data protection improvements native to object storage make it a critical part of all large unstructured storage systems designs. With workloads ranging in the petabyte scale, they need a reliable and proven solution that offers scalable throughput and can be deployed quickly across multiple cloud platforms.

Accelerate Multi-cloud Adoption for your Organization with StorageX Object to Object Replication

  • Understand the business services, assets, applications, relationships, and dependencies involved in your object to object data replication
  • Plan the movement of workloads to the cloud based on simulations and recommendations for capacity rightsizing
  • Model cloud costs for planning, building the business case, and choosing the cloud provider
  • Schedule resources needed by the services being migrated and optimize resource usage to prevent budget overruns post-replication
  • Monitor your hybrid infrastructure from end to end using file metadata analytics
  • Leverage API integrations for reporting and project management

StorageX Object to Object Replication is Cloud Agnostic

StorageX Object to Object Replication supports a wide range of cloud and object storage platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, NetApp StorageGRID, as well as any other S3-compatible cloud architecture. Use a scalable, secure, and automated solution to move your data between multiple object storage platforms.

Object to Object Replication is Cloud Agnostic

Seamlessly Move Data to and From the Cloud

Use StorageX Object to Object Replication to flexibly provision cloud storage platforms as a low-cost storage tier. Meet your performance requirements for unstructured data workloads and optimize policy driven data movement to accelerate the adoption of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, NetApp, Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage, and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Seamlessly Move Data to and From the Cloud

Object to Object Replication Enhancements in StorageX 9.0

Replication Support for Azure Blob and Cross-Object Replication between S3 and Azure Blob
Replicate objects to or from any Azure Blob object storage resource as well as replicate from an Azure Blob resource to an S3-compliant resource, or from S3-compliant to Azure Blob, rather than being limited to one particular type of object store.

Object Name Filtering
Add object name filters to your Object to Object Replication policies so that when the policy runs, StorageX only replicates objects where the object name matches a specified prefix.

Object to Object Replication Policy History View for Trend Analysis
View the history for a particular Object to Object Replication policy, looking back at all runs of that policy over the previous 30 days.

Enhanced Flexibility for Object to Object Replication Policy Sources and Destinations
Create multiple Object to Object policies with the same source bucket and different destination buckets, in a one-to-many replication configuration, or the same destination bucket but a different source bucket.

Object Sizing: Ability to scan S3 and Azure blob buckets and provide basics statistics such as total size and total object count..

StorageX Object to Object Replication Use Cases

Multi-cloud File Management

Multi-cloud File Management: Enable data agility from on premise to the cloud. The ability to have your data at the right time, place, and format gives you the necessary competitive advantage to make successful business decisions. StorageX supports cloud native object storage platforms as well as leading solutions from NetApp, Dell EMC, Cloudian, and other S3-compatible platforms.

Secure and Compliant Data Movement

Secure and Compliant Data Movement: Automated data movement ensures safety and risk mitigation. Replication validation summary is provided at the end. When integrated with StorageX Metadata Analytics, clients use analytics to drive business, technology, and cost benefits.

Competitively Priced

Competitively Priced: Pricing is based on a terabyte consumption model. Only pay for what you need.

Scalable & Automated Policy Engine

Scalable & Automated Policy Engine: Automate complex data movement with policies and scale your project by adding additional Universal Data Engines. Monitor progress and schedule cutovers for seamless transformation to object storage.

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