StorageX File to Object Replication

Business Challenge

With unstructured data continuing to increase in volume and complexity, enterprises need to scale their production storage systems in an affordable way. Today, the cost reduction and data protection improvements native to object storage make that type of storage a critical part of all large unstructured storage systems. Whether driven by a cloud-first strategy to increase business agility, a backup modernization project to dramatically reduce cost, or an archive solution to free up production storage, object storage is a ‘must have’ for all enterprise infrastructure teams.

Businesses want the economic impact of object storage but first need an automated solution that transforms their unstructured data from file to object format. With workloads in the multiple-petabyte range, they need a reliable and proven solution that offers scalable throughput and can be deployed quickly.

Depending on the size and type of dataset that you’re working with, the task of moving data to a different site, technology, or format can be quite daunting. Answering the following questions is critical:

  • How do you efficiently and securely move your dataset to object storage?
  • How do you transform your files into objects?
  • How do you confirm that the data on source and destination are consistent?
  • How do you replicate your data to the cloud?
  • What is the timeframe and cost for the project?

StorageX File to Object Replication Overview

StorageX File to Object Replication offers a scalable, secure, and automated solution to move your file data onto object storage and keep that data consistent between your file and object storage. Regardless of the source and destination storage, StorageX File to Object Replication can convert and move your data for you. Once your data is replicated onto object storage, that data is available for use on both source and target. You also have the option to continuously replicate any changed files based on a predefined schedule, which reduces the time and money spent on manually copying your data every time there’s a change. New features in Storage 9.0 provides the ability to scan S3 and Azure blob buckets and basic statistics such as total size and total object count.

Compatible File & Object Storage Vendors

  • NAS (NFS or CIFS)*
  • Amazon S3
  • NetApp StorageGRID
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes
  • Azure Blob
  • Azure NetApp Files 
  • GCP Object Storage 
  • IBM  Cloud Object Storage
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
  • EMC Isilon
  • NetApp ONTAP

* The upgraded version of Storage 9.0 now supports NFS, NFSv3 POSIX, and mapping.

StorageX File to Object Replication Use Cases

Quick & Efficient Shift onto Object Storage

Quick & Efficient Shift onto Object Storage: StorageX File to Object Replication was built to enable users to rapidly and efficiently move data to the cloud, reduce the complexity and cost of backup, and migrate data. Built on the industry-leading StorageX unstructured file management platform, speed, reliability, and reporting are guaranteed.

Hybrid Cloud File Management

Hybrid Cloud File Management: Enable data agility from on-premise to the cloud. The ability to have your data at the right time and place and in the right format gives you the necessary competitive advantage to make successful business decisions. StorageX File to Object Replication supports cloud native object storage, as well as leading solutions from NetApp, Dell EMC, Cloudian, and other S3-compatible platforms.

Secure and Compliant Data Movement

Secure and Compliant Data Movement: Automated data movement ensures safety and risk mitigation. Replication validation summary is provided at the end. When integrated with StorageX Metadata Analytics, clients use analytics to drive business, technology, and cost benefits.

Competitively Priced

Competitively Priced: Pricing is based on a terabyte consumption model. Only pay for what you need.

Scalable & Automated Policy Engine

Scalable & Automated Policy Engine: Automate complex data movement with policies and scale your project by adding additional Universal Data Engines. Monitor progress and schedule cutovers for seamless transformation to object storage.

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