3 Million Files Scanned for PII identification with a Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

for a Fortune 50 Financial Institution with offices in 50+ countries

Business Need

  • Data consolidation across multiple locations globally
  • Identification of sensitive information from the millions of files spread across the globe
  • Ensure data protection for sensitive data identified and plan remediation for enhanced data compliance and governance

Challenges Faced

  • Massive unstructured data spread across multiple geographical regions and needed data consolidation across US, UK, Europe & Asia Pacific
  • Increasing storage costs because of the widespread global data estate
  • Complexities in unstructured data management
  • Concerns related to the risk of moving data to a new S3 platform

Solution Offered

Data Dynamics’ unstructured data management platform:

  • Single installation of platform for data consolidation and multiple regions.
  • Content Analytics backed by Data Science Engine for a Single Pane view of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data
  • Risk Classification using industry-standard compliance and governance templates (system & custom)
  • Empower user to perform a free text search for a processed analysis set
  • Remediation for the identified sensitive data – Quarantine, Secure, and Audit Trail backed by Blockchain

    Business Impact

    • Centralizing the management of the sensitive data for key geographies
    • 21K files with PII/sensitive data detected from 3MN files scanned for better risk management and remediation
    • Audit Trail: Immutable audit log for better security