59% reduction in cost & 10X increase in productivity with intelligent data lifecycle management

for one of the largest Fortune 50 energy companies 

Business Need

  • Implementing Storage Lifecycle Management
  • Mitigating risk resulting from Data Sprawl & obsolete technology
  • Streamline data management and operations for cost optimization
  • Classification of data for identification of critical and dark data

Challenges Faced

  • Unstructured Data Growth and Sprawl
    • Created Business Risk (Legal and Compliance)
    • Created IT Risk (Stressed Production, Backup and HA Systems)
    • Non-Critical Data managed as Critical Data
  • Lack of data understanding and  lifecycle management
  • Risk associated with obsolete technology
    • Decreased productivity, increased support cost, parts availability

Solution Offered

Leverage Data Dynamics’ Intelligent Data Management platform for:

  • Mobility
    • Use of automated policy-driven capabilities of StorageX to migrate data across different storage vendors and tiers
    • Scan 10s of billions of files
  • Analysis 
    • Use AI/ML to classify data 
    • Intelligent identification of sensitive data  
    • Metadata analysis for storage optimization
  • APIs for Business Process Integration

Business Impact

  • Enhance data understanding
    • Data enrichment through file metadata discovery and classification (tagging)
    • Remediation of dark and sensitive data
  • Cost saving through data classification and storage optimization
    • Every 1% of data archival from file to S3 resulted in a reduced cost of $3 million / year
    • Data rationalization – optimizing infrastructure use to reduce cost
  • 59% cost savings through improved TCO/efficiency for high-risk file storage environments
  • 10X increase in productivity
  • Eliminate Risk from end of life / out of support environment