96% reduction in customer outage time and 100% ROI with intelligent data center migration to the cloud.

for one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 Healthcare Data Science Technology Company

Business Need

Business Need

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Tech Refresh
    • Incompatible versions
    • Heterogeneous Vendor Storage
  • Data Migration and consolidation
Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced

  • Mixed distinct data ownership on the same volume
  • 24-hour outage windows for data migrations
  • Complex data integration of acquired companies
  • Security and access complexity creating data loss
  • Massive penalties for invalidated clinical trial data – paid $0.5M+ in fines per occurrence
Solution Offered

Solution Offered

  • Use of automated, policy-based file data migration to ensure the right data was moved to the cloud
  • Automation and standardization, using a unified platform – from 12 to 24-hour outrage during data transfer to one minute
  • Accelerated data integration and migration of acquired companies to the master data center by reducing the complexity of unstructured data from arrays, separate ACLs, and different domains
  • Intelligent data analysis to gain visibility and knowledge of the data, for data compliance, improved productivity, and 100% reduction in potential penalties
Business Impact

Business Impact

Data Dynamics’ unified data management platform helped the customer achieve:

  • 96% reduction in customer outage and 100% ROI during data transfer
    24-hour outage reduced to sub-hour
  • 97% improvement in data integration of acquired companies to the master
    From 30 days to one day
  • Zero penalties related to invalidation of data
  • Reduced cost of data migration