190 TB of modern cloud-based data lake in 6 months

for a fortune 1000 CX technology and services company

Business Need

  • Create a modern data sharing architecture
  • Consolidate customer experience interaction recordings data
  • Create data lakes in S3 cloud object storage environment for ease of data sharing
  • Cost Savings
  • Integrate the data lakes with NICE application to enhance customer experience

Challenges Faced

  • Data sprawl across several distributed file systems
  • Data classification
  • Data management and data sharing
  • Unmanaged data sprawl made finding data for data analysis extremely difficult

Solution Offered

Implemented Data Dynamics’ StorageX to:

  • Consolidate data present in multiple locations into a S3 cloud object storage environment
  • Create data lakes by using File to Object replication. StorageX took the contents of a SMB share as the source and replicated the files to object storage
  • Create data tags for classification for each object in data lake
  • Create a custom key name that can be used with the NICE application using the File to Object Transform API

    Business Impact

    • Better customer experience after integrating data lakes with NICE allowing for greater CX analysis
    • 190 TB of customer call recordings migrated to S3 cloud object storage in 6 months
      • Created a modern data sharing architecture
      • Used automation to complete the project in just months as opposed to years if done manually
      • Provided comprehensive metadata analytics for actionable insights to accelerate cloud data migration
    • Upgraded the data storage system Improved data access and sharing with a data-sharing library of the call recordings
    • Saved on storage cost by migrating data on S3 object storage