Data Migration from Non-trusted Storage to Azure Cloud Storage

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Business Need

  • Migrating millions of files from untrusted storage source to Azure cloud in a partially acquired company environment
  • Moving ACLs along with the data for the new users and groups in the new organization
  • Migrating users from one domain to the new one as per the ACLs

Challenges Faced

  • Migrating data from an unknown and untrusted infrastructure hosted on another domain
  • Complexities involved in building trust while migrating the data from an unknown source
  • No software for data migration that guaranteed privacy while moving data from an unknown source to Azure
  • Migrating and redirecting SIDs from old users in another domain to the new users in the new domain

Solution Offered

StorageX Migrations

  • StorageX Migration for moving data to Azure from the unknown and untrusted data center and fileservers.
  • StorageX’s capability to migrate data across domains, even the untrusted ones, was one of the key highlights of this solution.
  • While doing the Migration, StorageX’s capability of performing inline SID translation turned out to be a lifesaver for the holding company, as they could preserve the ACLs. At the same time, StorageX translated the old user SID to the new one on the target.

    Business Impact

    • Quick and safe Migration between heterogeneous infrastructure
    • Scale-out using a central console and remote universal data engines
    • Smooth transit of business processes from the acquired company to the holding company