40 Petabytes of Data Migrated, Managed, and Consolidated with a Unified Unstructured Data Management Software

for Fortune 20 financial services institution

Business Need

  • Data Consolidation to bring consistency across a global footprint
  • Implement global standardization
  • Move 13 years of data from 6000 offices residing in legacy hardware to targeted Storage Platform
  • Automation of migration process to reduce risks

Challenges Faced

  • A massive expanse of unstructured data
  • Lack of consistency across a global footprint
  • Varying legacy standards as a result of multiple acquisitions
  • Increasing storage cost
  • Complexities in unstructured data management
  • Risks in moving from legacy infrastructure to the new platform

Solution Offered

Data Dynamic’s Unified Unstructured Data Management Software:

  • A single software to manage CIFS and NFS migrations from NAS platforms to targeted storage platform, ensuring data security and the migration without any risk
  • Automation of the migration process by providing a means of updating the DFS links automatically
  • The policy-based approach maximized user data access, minimized cutover windows, user downtime, and other disruptions related to file storage rebalancing, migrations, consolidations, and tech refreshes
  • Data migration by consolidating their data centers and introducing effective data governance, intelligent data insights, and data lifecycle management in parallel

    Business Impact

    • Data consolidation resulted in driving global standardization for enhanced downstream automation, significantly improved efficiency as well as next-level risk management
    • Migration of more than 40PBs of data distributed across 35,000 volumes on 876 filer nodes, delivering data location optimization, cost savings of over $37M, and data analysis
    • This automated migration process ensured that the infrastructure deployed was consistent across all the data centers globally
    • StorageX 8.5 enabled customers to manage and consolidate petabytes of data with a single pane of glass