Terabytes of data with permissions and transfer of ownership migrated intuitively using an unified data management software

For a leading IT services and consulting company

Business Need

  • Mitigate challenges that arise during Partial acquisition of a company
  • Need for a point solution for complex Data Migration
  • Create a standardized solution to mitigate a ‘no trust’ AD scenario
  • Ablility to migrate data intuitively (with permissions and transfer of ownership)

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of structured approach to migrate data
    • Lack of planning prior to data migration
    • Tight project deadline
    • Lack of knowledge about transferring ownership following a migration
    • Data was moved using a free tool with permissions or ownership information of the parent AD (active directory)
    • The free tool was not able to transfer the ownership
    • The client had a number of such use cases in the pipeline
  • Risk of losing the credibility and business due to the inability to transform the data at the destination

Solution Offered

Leverage Data Dynamic’s Unified Unstructured Data Management Software to:

  • Migrate the existing data to a local share at the destination as data movement is a key step to achieving transformation
  • As part of this process, provide the input of all the SIDs that need to be transformed into a set of separate SIDs for the destination AD
  • Ensure seamless inline SID translation along with data migration.
  • Create a standard solution that could be replicated to every customer to address a number of such use cases.

    Business Impact

    Process Improvement

    • Provide a unified data management software for related use cases
    • Eliminate all risks associated with different point solutions or free tools
    • Established a forward-looking mindset that will assist the team in planning ahead

    Cost Savings

    • Automated migration and SID translation saved countless man-hours and manpower
    • Penalties for project delays were avoided with a fast and reliable solution