Data Dynamics – The leader in unstructured data and file lifecycle management

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Data Dynamics is a leader in solutions for the discovery, reporting, migration, and management of file-based storage. Its award-winning StorageX product suite has been adopted by hundreds of enterprise customers, Fortune 500 companies, and large municipal governments as a solution for the full lifecycle management of their file-based storage infrastructure.

Data Dynamics focuses on solving the needs of enterprise administrators and users by creating products and solutions that accelerate new hardware adoption, simplify storage management, increase data availability, optimize storage capacity, minimize user downtime, and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of networked storage infrastructures.

Accelerating New Hardware and Technology Adoption

Data migrations are perpetual. Large enterprises and other companies continue to refresh their storage infrastructure subsets annually. Teams want to adopt new hardware technologies that promise non-disruptive scaling of their storage infrastructure. However, these data transformations can bring risk, and these risks cause many storage teams to hesitate when acquiring and adopting new storage hardware. Data Dynamics StorageX provides the solution enterprise storage teams need to reduce risks and business unit disruptions when adopting new storage technologies, migrating data to new platforms, and transforming their file storage environment.

Meeting Unstructured File Data Challenges

Managing unstructured file data is one of the major unsolved problems for enterprise IT organizations. Data Dynamics helps enterprise storage and infrastructure management teams identify and manage their unstructured file data using an automated, policy-based approach. The Data Dynamics StorageX platform allows storage professionals to use policies and a powerful rules engine to discover, view, report, assess, migrate, transform, and optimize unstructured file data in their enterprise file storage environment.

Automating File Data Migration and Management

Migrating and managing file data is a very manual, time-consuming process. Most storage teams are forced to cobble together a patchwork of protocol-specific tools and custom scripts. Analyzing and tracking migration project progress and status is also typically a cumbersome, spreadsheet-driven process. Pulling the different pieces together, testing, and fixing errors that inevitably occur due to typos, tool incompatibility, and user mistakes consumes even more cycles. The Data Dynamics StorageX platform provides a single, automated, policy-based approach to file data migration and management. StorageX allows storage teams to plan, design, validate, and execute file data consolidation and migration projects across protocols (CIFS and NFS) and platforms (EMC, NetApp, Windows, Linux, and other CIFS and NFS NAS devices). Teams can use a single solution with an easy-to-use console to efficiently plan, design, validate, and schedule migrations, monitor migration project status, and configure email alerts to automatically notify team members when scheduled file migration phases complete. StorageX is a flexible, highly scalable multi-threaded application that can take full advantage of the latest hardware computing performance enhancements to transfer data quickly and efficiently. StorageX can also throttle, or limit, data transfer rates when needed.

Providing Software-Based Multivendor Storage Management

The Data Dynamics StorageX platform is an out-of-band, software-based storage management platform that provides a unified view of multivendor storage. Software provided by storage vendors can report vendor-specific information, but typically don’t provide a holistic view of the storage infrastructure. Even the vendors themselves often have multiple products for multiple purposes due to product line acquisitions. The Data Dynamics StorageX platform provides a unified view of storage assets, and supports EMC VNX and Isilon, NetApp, Windows, and Linux NAS devices, as well as standalone CIFS and NFS storage devices.

Optimizing Storage Assets

Data Dynamics enables the creation of tiers of storage across multivendor CIFS and NFS-based storage platforms. StorageX provides policies that automate enterprise-wide identification, selection, and movement of file data based on file meta data and attributes. StorageX discovery and archival capabilities help storage administrators optimize their file data lifecycle costs across the enterprise, efficiently archive file data, and align their storage practices with organizational objectives.

Virtualizing Storage Environments

Storage virtualization allows storage administrators to maximize application and user access to data when changing physical storage structures. Data Dynamics StorageX gives administrators a single, organized view of all of their network file data, including file data stored on heterogeneous storage resources in different physical locations through the enterprise. Storage administrators can then use StorageX DFS management capabilities to abstract the physical file storage environment into a logical, business-focused view meaningful to end-users. When rebalancing or replacing file storage resources during a tech refresh cycle, storage administrators can also use StorageX DFS management capabilities in conjunction with migration policies to further streamline and automate CIFS file data migrations, reduce cutover times, and minimize business user disruptions.