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Around the world, new data regulations are being implemented into law at an accelerated pace  to protect consumer’s data rights and to regulate how enterprises store and use their data. These data sovereignty and consumer protection laws are leading to a flurry of complex compliance challenges, as enterprises look for means to address the regulatory requirements. The CCPA in California, HIPAA  for medical records protection in the US, and GDPR within the European Union are just a few examples of the regulatory challenges that enterprises face. The penalties for non-compliance are sizable and can create a reputational risk for corporations that are not prudent in managing an individual’s data in a secure manner, with use based only on consent. As laws continue to evolve and each country or region establishes their own data privacy requirements, enterprises must constantly adapt to keep pace.

The Data Dynamics Compliance Suite utilizes both Insight AnalytiX and ControlX, as a part of the Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform, to provide intelligent identification of data sets that contain files with content fields that are associated with regulatory requirements . The Compliance Suite starts with the premise of supporting the strictest definition of privacy and thus identifies a data set that has the highest probability of adherence. Enterprises can utilize the Compliance Suite’s out-of-the-box templates or create their own compliance templates based on their specific requirements. This identification is the first critical step in the process to remediate and meet regulatory requirements.

A critical requirement in most regulatory requirements is to report a consumer’s data back to them, i.e., “tell me what data you have about me”. This step across the unstructured data sprawl in enterprise environments is not an easy task, and most enterprises utilize point solutions to scan the environment for this single use case and provide static reports without any actionability. This causes additional technology overhead and costs millions of dollars without fully meeting the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

The Data Dynamics Compliance Suite provides truly actionable reporting for the enterprise. This allows data custodians to make decisions about what data to store, how to store it, and what level of access and use is appropriate with the individual’s consent. This actionable functionality helps to meet the challenge posed by massive volumes of personal digital footprints created as a result of the digital revolution and the Internet of Things.

Data Dynamics believes in data democratization, and protecting the individual’s right to have a say about their data is one of our core principles. Helping enterprises address the challenge of identifying and adhering to regulatory requirements is a key first step towards this broader goal.

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