Data Dynamics Product Security Statement

As a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions for enterprise customers, Data Dynamics is focused on delivering software products that are developed and implemented using the best practices approach to security. Our security policies and guidelines help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Our security team has developed a robust framework following NIST guidelines for overall security practices and leverages OWASP and SANS/CWE for cyber security. Our team conducts rigorous testing for both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on a continuous basis using a combination of both automated and manual processes to provide a higher level of validation.

In addition to how we develop a secure product, it is also important to note that our solutions are designed to support data security by providing several features that help our enterprise customers maintain control of their data:

  • Identify and limit exposure of sensitive data to maintain compliance and reduce risk
  • Discover, classify, and tag personal identifiable information (PII) files for risk mitigation and effective data governance
  • Identify “orphaned” files that are mismanaged and do not have security controls
  • Safely move and validate data to protected storage with automated policies to mitigate risk
  • Full audit trail capabilities with Non-Repudiable Audit Logs (ControlX 1.1)
  • Encryption available for data in flight and at rest (ControlX 1.1)
  • Enhanced data control with blockchain and data lockdown (ControlX 1.1)
  • Full authentication integration with Active Directory, LDAP or RACF in support of RBAC
  • Full set of RESTful APIs for integration with 3rd party reporting tools

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