Unstructured Metadata Analytics with StorageX

When we leave for a long trip we take into account lots of key data variables to insure a safe, timely and cost effective trip: how much gas do we have, when was the last time we changed the oil, do we have a good roadmap, will we miss traffic based upon trip schedules, will we use cruise control to mitigate the risk of speeding tickets, is our AAA membership up to date in case of emergency?

For the NAS Data leader the same key variables are necessary to insure a safe, timely and cost-effective IT service delivery. What % of your files have not been accessed in over 3 years, what files are owned by your mission critical apps, what file types require different SLA’s, how many files are owned by former employees, etc.

  • If you are contemplating a storage vendor change, it is essential that you understand which files must be migrated to your new t1 solution and what files might be archived to Object – on-prem or the cloud?
  • If you are in need of additional t1 storage, what files can be archived to object storage to free up existing t1 arrays?
  • If you are going to implement a new NAS backup solution, what files should be archived to object storage versus remaining in the production backup model?
  • If you are merging two departments or companies, what files must be migrated to the new production platform?
  • If you are asked to reduce business resiliency costs, what data do you stop replicating to a second site and archive instead?

What data do you wish to delete based upon employee termination, project completion, retention expiration?

Over 70% of F1000 NAS data has not been accessed in over 3 years (Gartner), and with Data Dynamics’ StorageX Analytics, you can take the infrastructure actions necessary to deliver your SLAs on time, within budget, and in a policy automated model.

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