StorageX Intelligent Archive

Business Challenge

Every business values their storage for the data  it contains. You never know when you will need to retrieve or get access to old business records to resolve a customer dispute, to satisfy a compliance audit, or to absolve your company of wrongdoing in a legal dispute.

In the past, maybe you’ve tried a proprietary archival solution, but it turned into a major headache due to hidden costs and inefficient file archive retrieval. Purpose-built archive solutions are available, but they are costly and lock you into a proprietary solution. Even if you rarely retrieve files from the archive, you must continue to pay the archive license or lose access to your data.

Cost reduction, scalability, and long-term data retention have been driving factors for enterprises to adopt data archival on object storage. You need an archive solution that stores your files economically, in native format, without vendor lock-in.

How StorageX Intelligent Archive Works

Perform Analysis:

Intelligently manage your data with StorageX Analytics by identifying files to move to low-cost object storage for long-term archival and cloud tiering.

Add custom metadata tags to the scanned data set to ensure strong data quality.

The StorageX Analytics Dashboard intelligently calculates the percentage of files to archive based on the scanned data.

Ability to scan S3 and Azure blob buckets and provide basics statistics such as total size and total object count.

Take Action:

StorageX Archive supports file migration to S3-compliant or Microsoft Azure Blob object storage. You can quickly and confidently create archive policies from the analysis to move petabytes of unstructured data to any supported object storage resource for long-term retention. Each file that you want to archive will convert to object format, and all file content remains in its native format. Archived files can be quickly and easily retrieved using the StorageX Retrieval Portal or directly from the object resource via a RESTful API.

How StorageX Intelligent Archive Works

Retrieve Archived Files:

The StorageX Retrieval Portal is used to search for and retrieve archived data from the S3-compliant object storage resource(s) to which you have access. StorageX supports direct access using standard S3-complianct software tools. In addition to using the StorageX Retrieval Portal, you can also access your archived objects directly using third-party object store browser software, depending on the platform.

  • Save files back on local file share for audits and legal discovery
  • Directly access your object files using any S3-compliant object store browser
  • Program custom applications to read files using a powerful, fully-featured REST API
  • Avoid license fees to access or read your own archived files

Why StorageX Intelligent Archive?

Using StorageX, you are always in control of your data. Archived files can always be retrieved in their native format, so you can access them any time using any method you choose.

Move your unstructured files to S3-compatible  storage or Azure Blob and access your files directly using any S3-compatible object store browser, such as S3Browser, or through RESTful API.

Only StorageX delivers an archive solution where there is nothing in the way of your data. There is No Gateway, No File Virtualization, No Proprietary Namespace, and No Stub Creation.

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