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Digital transformation in every industrial domain has made the role of data much more crucial. The ever-increasing amount of data a business generates translates into more storage resources across global locations and growing regulatory obligations. It is not easy to manage and protect petabyte-scale data with legacy solutions because they are slow, complex, and expensive.

Explore our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform – a single platform for unstructured data storage and data governance, including support for metadata and file content analytics, that addresses the data concerns of modern IT across a range industry.

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Financial Services

Banks, insurance companies, and capital markets are now considering data a new form of currency, provided that the data is actionable and trusted. Our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform allows for a seamless transition between data and smart data.

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Energy Industry Data Migration

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Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy

Primarily because of the rapid development of information systems in the oil and gas industry, petabytes of data have been accumulated from all corners. Several data types play a role in the Exploration & Production (E&P) life cycle, including scientific, engineering, financial, and economic data. Data Dynamics helps you embrace your data in a hybrid IT environment to propel business opportunities by giving data security, quality insights, and efficient mobility with optimized compliance.

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Healthcare may only be matched by finance when it comes to the sheer volume of historical data available for analysis. As a healthcare data management solution, we help healthcare organizations protect patient, clinical, and financial data and make that data easy for the organization to analyze and audit by providing insights and maintaining data compliance.

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High Tech

Keeping up with the competition in the high-tech industry means using the latest technology to drive innovation, and that innovation is hugely dependent on data systems. We understand this growing need and provide solutions to allow you to respond to events in real-time and identify crucial data, which enables you to create long-term analytics strategies with efficient data mobility and security.

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Life Sciences

In the life sciences field, data is the foundation of any study, and technological advances have accelerated the pace of accumulating data to the point where it must be intelligently managed in order to produce helpful and efficient outcomes. Our unified approach to data and storage management can power analysis, compliance, and security within a short period.

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