Mobility Suite

Having access to the right data in the right place at the right time is imperative to intelligent decision making in the  enterprise. With technology being a core component for every vertical, data placement based on frequency and latency of access required is a key consideration. For example, a surgeon can’t afford to wait for patient records, such as an MRI scan, during surgery in the operating theater. Similarly, a stock trader may lose millions if they can’t transact a trade due to lack of information in a timely manner.

Centralized IT teams face similar challenges, but in bulk. They are tasked with hardware refreshes, data center consolidations, migrations to the cloud, and data lifecycle management, which all require intelligent data mobility. An average enterprise migrates an incredible 20-30% of their legacy data to a new platform or location annually. Data mobility is an ever-growing, persistent operational need. With 5G networks being deployed around the globe, the ability to rapidly move data between core and edge will generate further demand for intelligent data mobility solutions.

The Mobility Suite of the Data Dynamics Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform provides for intelligence-driven, automated data migrations to meet the needs and scale of global enterprises. Having migrated over 400 petabytes of data encompassing hundreds of billions of files, the Mobility Suite is trusted and proven, and delivers without a single byte of data lost.

Data Lifecycle Management

Over 70% of files created in the enterprise are not touched past 30 days after they are created. This means that billions of files annually are stored, replicated, and backed up, using vast amounts of expensive storage, without truly requiring it. With the Data Dynamics Mobility Suite, enterprises can identify redundant, obsolete, trivial, and unused data and tier it to the appropriate location based on corporate policies. Tiering creates an effective means of managing data based on its historical usage and or content. Moving data from file storage to object-based storage, at significantly reduced cost, avoids the annual increase of millions in new capital spend on storage hardware, as primary storage space is freed up for newly created data. The public cloud  is a great use  for storing data that is rarely used, reducing the cost of storage operations, and requiring that you pay only for storage that is regularly utilized.

Accelerating the Journey to the Cloud

Cloud storage has become an integral part of every organization’s technology infrastructure. Some are further along than others in their journey, but the common challenge continues to be migrating legacy workloads from on-premises data centers to a cloud provider. With the Data Dynamics Mobility Suite, enterprises can identify workloads and migrate data based on characteristics such as  the least-touched files, files owned by specific users or groups, or files containing personal or business sensitive information, the latter of which may require a different, more secure target location. Intelligent data mobility at petabyte scale with the Mobility Suite accelerates the journey to the cloud by up to 3x, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Quicker cloud adoption allows for cloud native functionality to be used more rapidly, leading to greater productivity and providing a competitive business differentiator.

Hardware Refreshes and Data Center Consolidations

Migrating across heterogeneous storage devices is a complicated task and requires knowledge of both source and destination systems. Manual migrations introduce considerable risk, with multiple potential points of failure or potential exposure. With the Data Dynamics Mobility Suite, process automation and API integration into leading vendors accelerates data migrations, mitigates risk, and reduces the overhead and maintenance of having old and new hardware running simultaneously. The ability to migrate seamlessly reduces  the downtime required, offering optimal productivity. The same value applies to data center consolidations. There are large penalties associated with not exiting real estate leases on time, plus the overall cost to manage and maintain both new and old sites. By using the Data Dynamics Mobility Suite, enterprises can accelerate their data center consolidations and reduce time-to-complete by up to half, all at a fraction of the cost.

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