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Organizations that want to drive cloud transformation need a simple, accurate, and repeatable way to move their data into Azure. However, cloud initiatives can see their progress bottlenecked by manual processes and budget. The migration of Virtual Desktop, Virtual Server, High-Performance Compute, Analytics, and many other critical applications to Azure requires transferring anywhere from tens of terabytes to several petabytes of file data stored on file servers and NAS appliances and in Object Storage. File data migration between heterogeneous platforms like these requires automated, intuitive, and scalable solutions to eliminate inherent complexity and risk.

Microsoft has made the journey easier by creating the Azure File Migration Program. By supporting the use of Data Dynamics’ StorageX to migrate data into Azure, Microsoft enables organizations  to migrate   their unstructured files and object storage data into Azure at zero additional cost and no separate migration licensing. Customers can register their migration project information with Data Dynamics and start moving data today.

StorageX is Data Dynamics’ leading unstructured data migration software delivering automated policy-based data migration. StorageX enables seamless cloud data migration, data center consolidation, and storage optimization to drive intelligent, swift, and secure petabyte-scale unstructured data migrations.

Through this program, Microsoft and Data Dynamics aim to help organizations address some of their most critical challenges in the cloud migration lifecycle, such as cost, speed, talent, and risk.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Enterprise Modernization with Data Dymanics StorageX:

StorageX is Data Dynamics’ award-winning unstructured data migration software. The software enables seamless data center migration and consolidation, cloud data migration, and storage optimization, assuring a 3X faster speed and 10X higher productivity. Having analyzed and migrated 400+ PBs of data, StorageX in trusted by 300+ customers globally including 28 Fortune 100 organizations. By sponsoring the use of StorageX, Microsoft is simplifying an enterprise’s journey to the cloud. Here are 10 ways how:

Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Enterprise Modernization

Read more about Azure File Migration Program here.

Here’s how StorageX Migration moves your unstructured data to Azure:

  • Analytics drives share and export movement based on your data and query criteria. You identify a set of shares or exports to be moved, and StorageX streamlines the process for moving them.
  • Automated data movement policies facilitate the transfer or migration of SMB/NFS source files across heterogeneous storage resources. Move an entire share or export to a new share or export.
  • StorageX gives you automated access control security management for Security Identifiers (SIDs). Make changes to SIDs, remove orphaned SIDs, and preserve SIDs during file movement.
  • Cutover Estimation estimates the time required to move your data. Use the estimate to decide when you will “cutover” when you stop sharing the source and start redirecting users to the file data in the new location.
how StorageX Migration moves your unstructured data to Azure

To read more about StorageX, click here.

StorageX interoperability matrix:

StorageX interoperability matrix

Why is StorageX a preferred Azure Migration solution?

  • Petabyte Scalability Across Heterogeneous Environments
    StorageX is built for petabyte-scale environments, while most of the solutions available in the market are only suited for smaller environments of 100TB or less. The solution is purpose-built for the modern enterprise with the ability to scale out to meet performance needs and have the flexibility to adapt to complex hybrid, multi-cloud, and legacy environments.
  • Versatile Azure Support
    Ability to create policies intelligently to move certain data into different cloud storage tiers, including Azure Files (Premium, TX Optimized, Hot, Cool), Azure NetApp Files (Ultra, Premium, Standard), and Azure Blob (Premium, Hot, Cool).
  • Single-Software Data Management
    StorageX is a more robust and fully-featured solution, where each solution is architected from inception to specifically meet a data challenge for data management and governance personas.
  • Automated, Policy-Based Data Migration
    The solution uses automated, policy-based file data migration from heterogeneous storage into Azure storage, ensuring minimal to no risk, with automatic access control and file security management.
  • Automated access control and file security management
    The application enables robust, policy-based file permissions management, including preserving permissions, re-permissioning, and security reassignment via SID mapping.
  • Data Replication
    Unlike other solutions, StorageX enables migration in phases, preserving the original copies and performing baseline and incremental copies to ensure replication of new, locked, or recently modified files on the source to the destination and allowing the verification of the migration completion.
  • Automated Cutover
    StorageX namespace management leverages DFS to abstract physical storage into a logical view, which can then be used in conjunction with migration policies to automatically update namespace links that reference the source to point to the destination during the final cutover phase.
  • API Integration
    StorageX’s robust API ecosystem provides unique API-based automation and orchestration for process and workflow modernization.
  • Stubless / Always Direct Native Access to Data
    StorageX delivers a solution where there is nothing in the way of your data. There is No Gateway, No File Virtualization, No Proprietary Namespace, and No Stubs.

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Business Value Delivered

250 terabytes of data moved to Azure File Share in 16 days for FREE for a Fortune 500 multinational mining company

Data Migration from Non-trusted Storage to Azure Cloud Storage for a partially acquired leading third-party administration (TPA) solutions provider

600 TBs of data migrated in 20 days and cost savings of millions of dollars in data center closure for one of the world’s seven multinational energy “supermajors“ Fortune 50 Company

Customer Speak

“Data Dynamics has helped improve our efficiency and effectiveness for data migration and management. By quickly analyzing and filtering data sets, they gave us the perfect control over our data and saved us significant time.”

CTO in the Services Industry

“The ability to solve unstructured data migration problems is very impressive. We used Data Dynamics for dark data assessment and workload tiering and were particularly impressed by their solution’s speed and robustness.”

Software Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry

“Migrating unstructured data to Azure was getting very complex, derailing our cloud transformation timelines. That’s where StorageX helped us with data discovery and unstructured data migration in a time-sensitive situation.”

Chief Architect, Fortune 20 Energy Company

How can you get started with Azure file migration using StorageX for free?


Registration of customer’s migration project with Data Dynamics (including Azure subscription ID).

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Customer introduction to the Data Dynamics customer success team to enable the StorageX and generate the sponsored license.


Customer attends a 1-hour StorageX onboarding session and introduction to enhanced data management solutions.


Project kick-off

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The Data Dynamics Difference

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Data Dynamics Trusted by Global Companies

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