Scalable Workflow Automation & Centralized Reporting Management with API Driven Data Management

Unlock Innovation. Eliminate Complexity.


Fundamentally, every business wants to do MORE with LESS. Reducing the requirements to find, onboard, and upskill workforce is tied to a huge cost implication. Enabling your existing staff to free their work cycles from time consuming tasks and upskill them in automation improves productivity exponentially.

Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform prioritizes an Application Processing Interface (API) driven data management architecture to seamlessly integrate our products, new platforms, and existing resources to provide services such as: provisioning tools, service portals, automation, centralized monitoring, reporting and management, and more.

Open APIs have been a part of our product offering since the very beginning because we acknowledge that automation and integration is the key to unlock innovation and eliminate complexity. Our API ecosystem provides a simple interface for our customers to integrate their preferred services with our product platform to deliver scalable workflow automation and centralized reporting and management.

Scalable Workflow Automation & Centralized Reporting Management with API Driven Data Management

Common Use Cases

The possibilities with RESTful API Integration for data management workflow automation alone is endless, but here are a few common use cases we have seen our customers gain success from.

Self Service Automation

Leverage a ticketing system to assign SLA Domains, perform restores, monitor backups, or build custom dashboards by integrating with your preferred IT Service Management (ITSM) tool or service portal, such as ServiceNow.

Scalable Workflow Automation

Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack are a few automation tools that can turn tough tasks into a repeatable playbook for enterprise scale automation. Customers also use our platform’s APIs to standardize data lifecycle management, scale orchestration, manage complex deployments, and create and manage SLA Domains to increase productivity and speed. One of Data Dynamics’ customers used API integration to create and automate a cloud migration factory that resulted in $600k in savings per quarter.

Centralized Monitoring, Reporting, and Management

Eliminate application hopping and use a common interface to monitor and manage your SLA requirements. Our customers use our APIs to create a web based migration portal to manage and report on their project based specific requirements. They can gather the right information required to monitor a successful migration project and admin times have decreased from 5 hours a day to 10 minutes a day.

Centralized Monitoring, Reporting, and Management

How Data Dynamics Provides Automation Integration to our Customers and Partners:

We create APIs for all workflows in our platform

We ensure backward compatibility for customers using APIs

We use industry standard REST APIs and Swagger Framework

We document every detail and feature for each API

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