Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

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Why “Unified Unstructured Data Management” is a must have for the F1000 in 2020?

  • “IDC projects that 80% of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025.” – IDC
  • “76% of F1000 companies plan to invest in product offerings which create value out of stored data, only 15% of the F1000 are currently using analytics with their data. An increase of just 10% in data value creation has the potential to drive $2b of new revenue for the F1000.” – WSJ
  • “Over 75% of unstructured data is cold, meaning it has not been accessed in years.” – IDC

Unfortunately, Information technology innovation has not kept pace with the explosion in unstructured data. F1000 corporations around the globe are largely navigating the tsunami of IOT, file & object and cloud storage growth with little to no guidance systems! Traditional Network Attached Storage solution designs are no longer affordable. Existing data security and protection solutions do not deliver their promised results when attempting to manage 10’s and 100’s of petabytes – on premise and in the Cloud.

Thankfully, the power of Unified Unstructured Data Management has recently proven to deliver the ANSWER for this ever-increasing data risk exposure and IT infrastructure costs explosion threat. The Power of Analytics – data-driven cost reduction, risk mitigation and policy automation creates new definitions of “Doing more with LESS”

Analyze – Unstructured (File/Object and Content) Analytics provides IT leaders the insights necessary to reduce infrastructure software, hardware and staff costs. By classifying and tagging data by access patterns, file type, application ownership and file size, Analytics provides the infrastructure team the data required to reduce costs while meeting or exceeding agreed SLAs. Infrastructure optimization is a Must Have to remain competitive in today’s data hyper-inflation zone.

Move – Analytics provides IT the ability to witness the changing value of data over time, by application content, by user and by cost. Data management services (storage tiering, archive, cloud migration, etc) can be applied by file or content attribute with high fidelity and high value outcomes. Content analytics is the engine which enables risk discovery and acts to quarantine non-compliant data.

Manage – With unstructured metadata and content analytics, IT leadership can create and automate policy actions by file/object attributes and/or data content risk/regulatory compliance standards. By automating file services provisioning, data migrations, data archive, data compliance rules inspection and IT services reporting, IT can deliver to the business on time, on budget and compliant.

Modernize – The speed of change within existing infrastructure products, services and Cloud platforms is compelling and frightening. Unified Unstructured Data Management supports heterogeneous storage vendors, is Cloud agnostic and delivers with no proprietary data lock. As business changes, IT can now transform delivery models (on-prem or cloud) without the pain of unseen costs or vendor bias.


Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

The Proof – Unified Unstructured Data Management does more with less while improving SLA delivery!

F25 Global Financial Service Leader – powered by Data Dynamics, this industry leader has moved over 50PB’s of unstructured data across its 4 major data center regions in 33% of the time allocated, with 1 global project lead creating an IT savings of $11m, but more importantly delivering new performance to its key commercial and consumer banking applications equating to $100’s of millions in value.

F25 Global Energy Leader – the constant fluctuations in the Oil markets has driven the industries leaders to the Cloud for ‘on demand’ compute resources. Last year, Data Dynamics data movement engines moved over 1pb of on-premise data to the Azure Cloud, enabling the use of low cost, on demand compute to discover new potential high reward exploration targets. For this producer, a 30% improvement in new site drilling yields is measured in $100’s millions.

Data Dynamics is the world – wide leader in Unified Unstructured Data Management. The company operates globally to service and support its clients across 6 continents. With over 300 F2500 clients, Data Dynamics has experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years and is proud to partner with industry leders: NetApp, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Cognizant and Dell EMC.

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