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File data migration projects have become increasingly difficult as storage capacity, protocols, and the cloud have exploded on the unstructured world. In recent years, a project-based approach with home grown scripts or ‘free-ware’ could manage a 50 TB tech refresh.

Today, the world has changed. IT is constantly asked to do more with less, in a shorter time period and with a higher quality outcome! Infrastructure is moving towards automation, orchestration, and dedicated factory engineering to deliver core services with an improved SLA and a lower annualized cost.

The pressure to reduce storage costs, move workload to the cloud, tier storage, and modernize backup have created an enormous amount of demand on infrastructure service delivery teams. New NAS, Object and Cloud Storage options have dramatically increased service workloads and stressed legacy data migration tools.

Data Dynamics has introduced the Unstructured Data Migration Factory to aggressively combat the costs, project lengths, and complexity of enterprise data migration. There are 5 key capabilities of the Migration Factory powered by StorageX:

1. Metadata Analytics: Gain valuable insights into file attributes such as file size, access, type, orphan files, and more.

2. Integrated Data Mobility – Enable simple policy driven data mobility using migration, replication, File to Object transform & sync and archive

3. Extensive Platform/Protocol Support – This includes NetApp, Dell EMC, Qumulo, Cohesity, Quantum, Rubrik, etc. (CIFS/SMB, NFS, S3, Azure Blob)

4. Integrated Process Automation – Build as a ‘best practice’ using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, ServiceNow, etc.

5. Dedicated Migration Factory engineering resource and Factory engineering workflows – Design, build, deploy, report, and audit with your own Migration Factory engineering team!

Migration Factory Powered by StorageX

Diagram 1: Migration Factory Powered by StorageX

StorageX Migration Factory is built to Scale Business Outcomes and your ROI

Leverage a ticketing system to assign SLA Domains, perform restores, monitor backups, or build custom dashboards by integrating with your preferred IT Service Management (ITSM) tool or service portal, such as ServiceNow.

Migration Factory Framework

Diagram 2: Migration Factory Powered by StorageX


It is essential to gain visibility into your unstructured data environment. Your data management strategy must include metadata analytics to gain transparent visualization to your data and all of its key attributes. StorageX Metadata Analytics provides insight into files across your entire enterprise file storage, so that you can manage change, reduce risks, reduce cost while exceeding SLA commitments to the business.

Deliver Mobility for Data Modernization

Migrate, replicate, transform/sync file to object and archive file to object all from one Factory Management Portal. Supporting all major NAS, Object and Cloud platforms, the StorageX Migration factory drives the right data to the right location in the most effective and low cost fashion. In a world driven by data, the modern infrastructure, has implemented intelligent automation across all critical application and infrastructure platforms. With over 300 Global accounts in 5 continents, the StorageX Migration Factory has delivered $100m’s of storage, server, network and staff resource costs!

Manage at Scale

Businesses depend on having reliable, timely, and connected data. Powered by StorageX, your Unstructured File Migration Factory operates as an integrated part of your IT infrastructure. As capacity growth has more than doubled over the past 3 years, stand alone islands of data migration projects have failed to meet the demands of business. Failed projects, poor reporting, unforeseen new maintenance charges and delayed Cloud initiatives have forced the Enterprise to adopt a Factory production model for Data Migration.

  • Implement proven Migration Factory production templates
  • Scale Factory performance with simple and linear VM scaling
  • Use Factory trained engineers to implement best practice success and trouble shoot network or Cloud surprises

Use Cases

Unstructured Data Migration Use Case

New features of StorageX 9.0:

New capabilities in Storage 9.0 is power packed with new features such as DFS analytics, it now supports NFSv4 and NFSv3 POSIX, facilitates a single share report showcasing the permissions of the Shares and Folder, and ability to scan S3 and Azure blob buckets and provide basics statistics such as total size and total object count.

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