Policy-Based File Data Management for the Complete Data Lifecycle

Data migration and management can be complex, costly and full of risk. More than 38% of migration projects fail due to limited technology options and labor-intensive, error prone manual processes.

Using automated, policy-based file data mobility and management solutions, Data Dynamics eliminates the risk of failure and helps organizations truly realize the modern data infrastructure they require, without compromising risk, expense or time. By automating complex data movement and management processes, organizations can finally realize the agile infrastructure they demand, regardless of their technology choices today, or tomorrow.

The Data Dynamics StorageX platform enables agile technology adoption, reduces ancillary costs and shortens migration project time for a wide range of critical business use cases.

Infrastructure Optimization – For the efficient IT infrastructure your business demands, Data Dynamics streamlines the management of heterogeneous infrastructure, simplifies the management of data growth and automates data movement for performance tiering. Learn more.

Technology Standardization – In multivendor environments, it can be a challenge to implement consistent data management policies and controls. Customers would need to dedicate, specialize and train IT specialists on each vendor storage technology, even to do simple provisioning tasks, creating file systems, and share/export permissions. To help, Data Dynamics automates the application of consistent policies for provisioning, performance tiering, automation of data consolidation processes and makes technology refresh projects simple and painless. Learn more.

Business Agility – Data Dynamics puts agility at your fingertips. Regardless of whether you are embarking on a new cloud journey, or a new technology/vendor, or consolidating data due to a merger or acquisition; we enable the seamless migration of file data from sources to destinations with ease. We allow you to migrate data to the new technology, or quickly roll back to address business needs. All of this while maintaining or converting security access permissions for the file systems. Learn more.

Risk Mitigation – Data Dynamics knows that business must operate without interruption. We can help reduce the business disruption and human errors that can cause risk while simplifying the management of unstructured data, in the cloud or on-premises, for secure data mobility, replication and protection. Learn more.