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Data Dynamics® and Veeam® have collaborated on a solution designed to empower your digital enterprise.

Optimize Veeam Backups

Veeam customers and partners are provided with enhanced visibility into your entire unstructured data environment, including Veeam Backups. The Data Dynamics platform is a verified Veeam Infused Data Integration API solution, which enables automated scanning of your data for actionable insights.

Immutable Audit Reporting

Data Insights

Know what is important. Gain insight into your data backups using metadata file analytics.

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Data Migration

Knowing what data you have is a pre-requisite to a sound data migration strategy.

File Management

Data Classification

Identification and classification of personal identifiable information (PII) for compliance.

data security

Data Security

Identify unprotected workloads to archive and apply data immutability using Veeam’s data protection platform.

Actionable Insights

Generate powerful visualizations of the owners, access behaviors, types, sizes, and ages of the data in your backup.

Data Mobility and Optimization

Ensure that the value of your data aligns to storage costs and SLAs. Automate the reduction of redundant, obsolete, and trivial data in your backups to lower your total cost of data ownership.

Drive Compliance

Give your backup administrators the power to evaluate, modernize, and ensure privacy regulation compliance in their data estate with impactful reports. Take action by archiving or quarantining PII data for digital compliance.

Minimize Risk

Reduce exposure by identifying security loopholes and securing unmanaged data. Identify orphaned data from employees; archive or set retention policies for deletion.

Cloud data migration


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