Exploring Five Data-driven Strategies for Optimized, Intelligent and Successful Cloud Adoption

A webinar by Data Dynamics in Collaboration with Microsoft 

2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every day, out of which 90% is unstructured, according to Forbes.

Wondering how?

Imagine you are on vacation. You made all of your reservations online by entering your data on numerous websites, starting with the airline tickets, reserving a place to stay, and reserving a car for your trip. When you arrive at the location, you check in with your identification card number and credit card number. You’re excited to see the new place, so you go out and take a million photos to share with your friends and family. Additionally, you visit various places for meals, participate in activities such as kayaking and scuba diving, and make card payments again by sharing your information.

Think of how much data a person generates and shares across multiple platforms, even if they are on vacation for only one day. Now imagine how much data the global population generates every day and how it is spread across different platforms. 

Fear of having a lot of unstructured data but not knowing how to manage it is real, isn’t it?

Dealing with unstructured data is like dealing with a black hole of unknown possibilities and risks. You have no clue what’s in there and what you must prepare for. Furthermore, you are completely oblivious to sensitive information that’s residing in the sprawl and have no way of securing it. As a result, effective data management is necessary for the acquisition, storage, and protection of data in an organization. Cloud computing is the best enabler to provide optimum data management for unstructured data sprawls. Reduced IT infrastructure costs are one of the most prominent reasons companies switch to the cloud. IT leaders can just right-size computer resources based on specific business needs in the cloud, reducing wasted spending. The cloud also provides storage tiers to store large amounts of data strategically and cost-effectively, enhances data security, governance, and accessibility improves data analytics through increased integration and ingestion, and increases data quality. 

Thus, it’s no surprise that every company wants to migrate its data to the cloud to enable better data management!

Now here’s the billion-dollar question – how do you migrate such large amounts of unstructured data to the cloud in the simplest way possible?

Here’s your answer-

Microsoft and Data Dynamics have partnered to help enterprises answer this question through a webinar titled Reimagine. Reorganize. Reinforce. – 5 Data-driven Approaches for a Successful Cloud Migration. The webinar will feature Chris Cochran, Vice President of Cloud Strategy and Alliances, Cuong Le, Chief Strategy Officer of Data Dynamics, and Vamshi Kommineni, Group Product Manager of Azure Storage for Azure Storage Microsoft. The online webinar will be held on June 1st, 2022, at 1 PM EST.

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According to Forbes, 95 percent of enterprises perceive the need to handle unstructured data as a concern. A critical aspect of managing and migrating unstructured data is data analysis, which enterprises often ignore.

Our experts will discuss the benefits of data-driven cloud migration over the long-standing lift-and-shift approach and offer best practices for data-driven cloud migration.

Here’s what you can expect by the end of this short webinar: 

  • Reimagining cloud migration by breaking free from the traditional lift-and-shift model to data-driven migrations 
  • The necessity for data analytics in cloud migration and its business benefits 
  • Tips and tricks to extract intelligence from data before moving it to the cloud 

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