Stop Your Data from Becoming a Liability! – 3 Simple Ways to Make It an Asset to Your Business.

Why are organizations failing to utilize the enormous potential of their enterprise data?

Recent years have seen an explosion of data generation in various industries such as finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and energy. Data lies at the heart of an organization’s ability to scale and grow. It enables enterprises to adopt newer technologies that give them an edge over their competitors by running real-time analytics and deriving insights from them. 

However, 90% of enterprise data is UNSTRUCTURED DATA and only 12% of it is analyzed. Many organizations ignore their data estates because they don’t know where to begin and how to manage them efficiently. This unstructured data is often dumped in enterprise data centers without any analysis, categorization, tagging, or indexing. Data lakes quickly become data swamps increasing storage costs, serving as a staging ground for malicious actors, endangering data privacy, and damaging a company’s reputation. This is when data turns into a liability instead of an asset. 

In light of this, the question arises: Are there any effective long-term and sustainable data management strategies that can help organizations transform data into an asset? The answer is yes.


Data Dynamics recently conducted a webinar, “Stop Your Data from Becoming a Liability – 3 simple ways to make it an asset” to address this exact same question. It featured Luis Gutierrez, Chief Operating Officer, and Cuong Le, Chief Strategy Officer at Data Dynamics. Luis has worked in the banking industry for over 40 years & has managed IT infrastructure projects for global companies and Cuong is a former IBM and Lenovo executive with 27+ years of experience leading teams worldwide. 

Here’s what we covered:

  • The difference between data as a liability and data as an asset
  • Factors that make it difficult for enterprises to manage unstructured data​​​​​​​
  • Three simple ways to turn data into an asset​​​​​​​
  • A sustainable methodology to help enterprises consistently manage data and extract maximum insights.

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