StorageX DFS Management

Business Challenge

Microsoft DFS namespaces provide a single, logical view of folders and file data distributed across primary and extended file storage resources. Two types of DFS namespaces are supported: domain-based DFS namespaces and stand-alone DFS namespaces. Microsoft provides software tools to manage domain-based DFS namespaces and, to a lesser degree, stand-alone DFS namespaces.

The challenge for companies that deploy stand-alone DFS namespaces is finding a robust management tool.

  • Does your enterprise rely on Microsoft DFS namespaces?
  • Do you have a fragmented or partial DFS environment?
  • Would you like to consolidate or transform your DFS namespaces?

How StorageX DFS Management and Analytics Works 

StorageX provides a robust software solution for managing DFS namespaces. Both domain-based and stand-alone DFS namespaces are supported equally.

  • For stand-alone DFS namespaces, StorageX enables users to synchronize the logical structures of DFS namespaces across multiple Windows servers
  • Designate a primary namespace to use as your master, then select one or more target namespaces that you want to keep synchronized with the primary.
  • Back up and restore namespace structures using Namespace Backup policies or merge your DFS namespace configuration with another DFS namespace.
  • DFS information to be correlated to the data in analytics reports, including DFS path, associated UNC paths, and active status, so that it can be used to make more sense of the business context.

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