Data Dynamics is a NetApp Advantage Alliance Partner, and as part of that program, StorageX has been tested by NetApp engineering and certified as NetApp Compatible. Both StorageX 7.6 and StorageX 7.7 have been certified as compatible with regard to SMB and NFS protocols, NetApp 7-mode to cDOT, and storage resource management, replication, and Migration Project functionality.


Data Dynamics StorageX has integration with NetApp 7-mode and NetApp cDOT APIs which allows for StorageX to:

  • Discover
    • NetApp System Configuration (DNS, LDAP, NTP, WINS, CIFS Home Directory, Virtual Resources, Local Users and Groups, Management Accounts)
    • NetApp Storage Configuration (Aggregates, Volume/File Systems, QTree, Quota, SMB Share Properties, NFS Export Properties)
    • Correlate Microsoft DFS Namespace Links to Shares
  • Provision
    • Create File System Containers (Volumes)
    • Create and Clone Share and Export Policies
    • Create QTrees
  • Initiate NetApp SnapMirror Relationships


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