Data Dynamics® Announces its Intent to Acquire Infintus Innovations to Deliver Industry Leading Analytics for Data Visibility, Compliance, and Governance

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY, October 24, 2019 – Data Dynamics announces its intent to acquire Infintus Innovations Pvt. Ltd, with the acquisition to close before end of the year. Infintus is a data analytics company that automates and analyzes unstructured data using AI. The addition of Infintus enables Data Dynamics to provide content level analytics, thus offering more granularity into the visibility of data and complementing its metadata-driven analytics, policy-based movement, and management capabilities.

80% of the data in an enterprise is unstructured and growing 60% year on year. Fast-growing unstructured data presents a significant compliance risk to large enterprises. Meeting regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, or the impending CCPA regulation requires an understanding of the contents within the data. A lack of knowledge of personally identifiable information (PII) creates exposure in how it is stored, archived, and accessed. Additionally, there is a wealth of information within the data to drive more informed decisions and provide a competitive advantage. With this acquisition, Data Dynamics’ analytics capability will expand to include content analytics, data classification, and content search. This will allow customers to address PII, compliance, and e-discovery challenges, thus enabling them to utilize data in business.

“We are excited to bring Infintus and its talented team members into the Data Dynamics family. The combined software platform will provide a unique perspective to data management that does not exist in the industry today. Our customers are asking for a single platform to modernize, manage, and secure their data while meeting compliance requirements and extracting the highest value. This acquisition will accelerate our client’s ability to move in this direction towards accomplishing that goal,” said Piyush Mehta, CEO of Data Dynamics.

“Infintus’ content streaming, content analytics, and machine learning capabilities are a natural extension to Data Dynamics’ powerful data management capabilities. We are very excited about the power of the combined software platform as data continues to be the center of all business initiatives. Ensuring that your enterprise data is compliant and available is imperative to manage risk and accelerate growth,” said Rishi Jain, CEO of Infintus.

With revenue, compliance, and optimization being the top 3 initiatives in the CEO’s agenda, this acquisition is well positioned to receive explosive growth within the market and across all industries. This growth opportunity is further aided by enterprises that are looking to adopt hybrid cloud solutions and require complete data visibility for business-driven placement of data workloads.

“Whether for analytics or to adhere to expanded regulatory requirements, file data has a greater impact on both business opportunity and risk than ever before,” said Scott Sinclair, Research Analyst at ESG. “Given the massive and disaggregated nature of modern file environments though, many IT organizations fall far short of meeting the needs of the business. Data Dynamics’ ability to offer advanced content analytics as well as content search across a heterogenous hybrid cloud ecosystem is a game changer, helping businesses address critical needs such as PII compliance, e-discovery.”

Together, Data Dynamics and Infintus capabilities enable dynamic data for the digital enterprise. The combination of solutions provides intelligent data management solutions where your data driven strategy accelerates revenue, compliance, agility, and intelligence.

• Data Dynamics prioritizes data visibility, compliance, and governance with the acquisition of Infintus

• M&A strengthens Data Dynamics’ value offerings by adding depth and granularity to its data analytics capabilities • To drive innovation and growth within customer’s data environment, Data Dynamics’ manages data lifecycle from understanding your data to data location optimization

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