Data Dynamics expands its Software via the release of Insight AnalytiX 1.3 and ControlX 1.1

Teaneck, NJ – Nov 4th, 2021 – Data Dynamics, the leader in Unified Unstructured Data Management, today announced the release of Insight AnalytiX 1.3 and ControlX 1.1, offering organizations risk analysis of sensitive information residing in their unstructured data and a means to remediate. Ransomware and rogue access to data continues to be a boardroom focus in every organization, with a need to proactively mitigate the risk across billions of data points within an enterprise.

Insight AnalytiX 1.3 expands on its risk analytics with easy to use templates that help define risk profiles and file classification via intelligent tagging. Combining identifying risk with data classification enables enterprises to have a clear understanding of the risk that exists and an easy means of quantifying it. “Insight AnalytiX 1.3 with a remediation workflow takes us to the next level of helping our customers with their Data Management. Not only can we help to identify files that include personal and sensitive information, but from a single pane of glass customers can now immediately address the identified risk exposures.”, said Helen Johnson, CTO of Data Dynamics.

ControlX 1.1 empowers enterprises to proactively mitigate risk and drive data security remediation. ControlX 1.1 provides the ability to quarantine at-risk datasets, intelligently re-permission files, all while creating an immutable audit log powered by blockchain technology. ControlX is fully API driven and can be integrated into a workflow that reduces rogue data exposure and ensures effective access management. Audit logs on classified files provide compliance reporting for internal governance and external regulatory reporting.

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About Data Dynamics

Data Dynamics is a leader in managing unstructured data via its Unified Unstructured Data Management Software, providing data Analytics, Mobility, Security, and Compliance. The insight, intelligence, and automation leveraging the Software drives risk mitigation, enhanced data security, and storage optimization all from a single software.

Proven in over 25% of the Fortune 100, the Data Dynamics software can scale to meet the requirements of global enterprise workloads. Leveraging a single Software, enterprise customers no longer need to deploy individual point solutions nor have siloed views of their data. Please visit:  or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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