Infrastructure Efficiency & Optimization with StorageX® for Large File System Technologies

The Challenge

Manage petabyte scale enterprise data with quick retrieval and access to your critical data

It is no secret that we have moved past 100 terabytes for a single volume storage capacity. It is no longer enough as files and datasets are only getting larger and denser. Nowadays, large file systems are expected to store petabytes of data with quick retrieval when required, and the standard functionality such as data security and storage efficiency cannot be compromised.

As enterprises have discovered the tremendous value of their data, the spotlight has naturally turned to successful and effective data management. Many digital enterprises have been able to disrupt their industry with the insights gathered from their data. Hence, there is high pressure for storage solutions to enable their end users to have their data at their fingertips in order to uncover its value.

The rapid growth of data has increased the demand for intelligent data management solutions, so inefficient large file systems are a growing concern. Though it was proved to be effective in theory, the reality is that outdated solutions are not able to deliver quick data retrieval and its promising functionalities.

For this reason, it is important to move data sets to the optimal location and ensure that large file system technologies can scale their storage capacity, and deliver have high performance, agility and efficiency.

The StorageX Solution

Holistic Approach to Data Location Optimization and Enterprise Data Migration

The StorageX approach to optimizing large scale file systems is to first recognize that your enterprise data is moved to the optimal location so that your data turns from a risk to a strategic asset. To implement a holistic data management strategy, StorageX then moves the petabytes of data onto the appropriate location while providing custom tags that can be added for strong data governance and a modernized data infrastructure.

Visualize of your Data Environment for Actionable Data Movement Insights

StorageX provides insight into the data environment using metadata file analytics. It can deploy a scan across all systems and data environment to provide a visualization of the owner, access behavior, type, size, and age of the data. Identifying data workloads and differentiating critical data from dark data gives clarity of the data environment.

With petabytes of data stored on inefficient large file systems, it becomes increasingly important to have the scalability to scan millions of files within the time period in order to move the data onto an efficient large-scale file system. StorageX is a robust engine that can meet short cutover time frames and successfully scan millions of files for analysis.

Data Environment for Actionable Data Movement Insights


Benefits of Data Environment for Actionable Data Movement Insights

Move your Data onto Where it Should be Located

When deployed on a virtual server, StorageX will facilitate rapid identification of datastores attached to servers on other platforms. Once those datastores are identified, a StorageX migration policy will keep the data in sync between the two platforms until the server is ready to be cut over.

Migration will happen behind the scenes, while being transparent to users and applications using the server. With the actionable insights gained from metadata file analytics, StorageX can seamlessly move petabytes of data to the optimal location resulting in greater productivity and lower storage costs.

Infrastructure Efficiency & Optimization

Scale your Data Migration to Meet cutovers

By being deployed on a single application that runs on virtual servers, StorageX provides a single pane of glass for moving data from any server personality like Windows or Linux.

One StorageX Universal Data Engine (UDE) is capable of moving hundreds of terabytes. Adding additional UDEs is a simple process and provide a way to scale to petabytes of data and thousands of data stores. StorageX also provides a robust REST API, which can be integrated as part of any workflow.

Using Privacy Risk Classifier, you can quickly and easily find and categorize your data, then use the analysis results to determine what data may need to be migrated, what sensitive data may need to be secured, and what data should be removed entirely. This information powers data optimization on existing storage and helps you make better plans for future storage usage, as well as avoid potential liabilities.

It is likely that these initiatives are now front and center within your 2023 “must haves”.


The combination of StorageX holistic approach and ability to scale petabytes of data enables you to be proactive in managing your large file systems. By moving your data off outdated storage solutions and onto efficient and agile large file systems, you too can modernize your data infrastructure using StorageX.

Ultimately, StorageX is a strong powerhouse used for petabyte migrations involving large file systems. With its capability to meet cutover expectations using scalable UDEs, StorageX has been able to optimize more than 350 PBs totally for its customers, save 170+ years in project time and $170 MM in total cost of storage.

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