CCPA: Keep My Data Private!

Our identity is increasingly based on numbers and other kind of data in today’s data-driven world. In the movie, ‘The Matrix’, Neo is often referred to as The One since his prophesied role is to end the war between machines and humans. In the case of...

Do You Control Your Data?

Managing data across heterogeneous storage resources is complex, risky, and expensive. When using these resources, you have no direct access to files, because your user access is a physical gateway or software appliance. It is disruptive to transfer your information...

Why is Object Storage Growing in Popularity?

Object Storage is the buzz of the storage industry and for good reason: it encompasses file, block, and object access portals into the same pool of raw object storage. Compared to traditional file and block storage, object storage offers massive petabyte scalability...

The Future of NAS is Object

If you’ve been around the computer industry long enough, you’ve witnessed major shifts in technology. One such shift took place in 1992, when NetApp, Inc. was founded.  NetApp pioneered a new enterprise storage technology called Network Attached Storage...