Unraveling the Intricacies: How Microsoft Azure Ensures a Highly Secured Data Migration Process to the Cloud

A CIO of one of the leading finance companies wanted to move petabytes of data into Azure. . But the organization was worried and doubtful if their data could land in a jurisdiction that would be compromised in the process. 

So how does Microsoft Azure ensure Secured Data Migration to the Cloud?

Many organizations, especially those dealing with sprawls of unstructured personal and sensitive data, have preconceived notions and fears about moving their data to the Cloud, in general. But, once they are a  part of the Microsoft Trusted Cloud, organizations can rely on Azure for best-in-class security, reliability, compliance, privacy, and a vast ecosystem of trusted people, partners, and processes to support their customers moving to the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is the only cloud provider that offers a secure and consistent platform for companies to work with the Cloud without requiring high-level skill sets to handle the cloud complexities. Microsoft Azure provides various integrated data services and analytics tools to unlock the intelligence hidden in the data. They provide open frameworks and tools with a choice for integrating Azure cloud services with any infrastructure, cloud, or on-premises.

The Expert View

At DataVision 2021, by EDM Council, Vamshi Kommineni, Group Product Manager, Azure Storage – Microsoft, was asked a question by John Bottega, President, EDM Council, about –  How does Microsoft ensure the security and compliance of their customer data migrated to the Cloud?

Vamshi responded that it’s a shared responsibility of the cloud provider and the customer. It’s essential to consider the type of data migrated, the data security requirements abiding by the regional laws and regulations, and many other factors while moving data to the Cloud. He added that Microsoft provides tools and services to help clients seamlessly move to the cloud without compromising data security. These tools are provided by Microsoft itself and with their partners’ help, such as Data Dynamics. 

In simpler terms, the key to ensuring maximum data security while moving to the cloud is by asking yourselves these questions

  • What and where is the data I have? 
  • Who has access to the data? 
  • Is the data secure
  • Do I meet the compliance requirements for my data?

The first step to finding the right answers is classifying and cataloging the data. Vamshi highlighted that policy-based frameworks could easily automate this process. Imagine the time, effort, and cost organizations can save especially when the data is unstructured, and they have to migrate 1000s of petabytes of data. Data Dynamics’ leading unstructured data management solution – StorageX, delivers policy-based data management with no vendor lock-in. Organizations can modernize their infrastructure to drive automation, cost reduction, risk mitigation, and policy automation. StorageX has successfully migrated over 400 petabytes of data with hundreds of trillions of files and is leveraged by some of the biggest organizations worldwide, including 26 Fortune 100 companies.

Vamshi concluded by stating that various tools and services are readily available for organizations to make their migration journey easy, secure, and compliant. Partnering with the right solution provider that helps organizations holistically address their data management needs rather than just data migration will be beneficial for overall business growth, efficiency, and sustainability. 

The Azure File Migration Program

Microsoft Azure is making cloud data migration for their customers much easier and more secure by creating the Azure File Migration Program. Data Dynamics recently partnered with Microsoft to accelerate cloud adoption with the Azure File Migration Program – zero license cost migrations into Azure. By sponsoring the use of Data Dynamics’ StorageX to migrate data into Azure, organizations can now migrate their unstructured files, Hadoop, and object storage data into Azure at zero additional cost to the customer and no separate migration licensing.

Click here to check out how Data Dynamics utilized the Azure File Migration Program to help one of the world’s seven multinational energy “supermajors” Fortune 50 companies accelerate its net zero emission goals while driving digital transformation.

StorageX is Data Dynamics’ award-winning unified unstructured data management platform that delivers policy-based data management with no vendor lock-in. The solution uses an automated, scalable, and policy-based engine to accelerate petabyte-scale migrations into Azure at ZERO license cost. StorageX is backed by robust security features such as automated access control and file security management. 

To know more about the Azure File Migration Program and how you can get started with your cloud migration journey, visit – https://www.datadynamicsinc.com/microsoft/.

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