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Data Dynamics delivers policy-driven data
management to accelerate Microsoft Azure cloud
adoption. Leverage your data on cloud
applications with data mobility across data
centers and cloud.

Data Mobility

Data Dynamics StorageX Migration, an offer sponsored by Microsoft Azure.

The power, versatility, and expandability of data management in Microsoft Azure is critical for your digital transformation journey. The
first and most difficult step in that journey is migrating your on-premises data into Azure.

Microsoft has made the journey easier than ever before by creating the Azure File Migration Program and sponsoring the use of Data Dynamics StorageX to migrate your data into Microsoft Azure at enterprise scale with no StorageX licensing cost. Instead, simply use this registration form to share details about your migration project with Data Dynamics and start moving your data to Azure today.

Azure File Migration Program Registration Form

Azure Data Dynamics Integration

Fast Track to Microsoft Azure

Together, Microsoft and Data Dynamics enables customers to accelerate their cloud adoption journey and ensure their data is always available for applications, whether on Azure or on-premise.

Our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform delivers a single software platform to simplify data management and enable cloud mobility across a hybrid IT environment. Easily on-ramp your data to Microsoft Azure for cost effective data archival, backup optimization & recovery, and infrastructure optimization.

Data lifecycle management icon

Policy-based automation for simplified data lifecycle management

Encrypted cloud

Quick data recovery of your files whether it’s located on-premise or on Azure


Ensure compliance with insight into file metadata and file content

File Management

API integration for centralized management of SLAs and reporting

Analytics for Cloud Readiness

The truth is, you cannot manage what you cannot see. Gain visibility into your infrastructure to manage cloud resources and reduce corporate risk.

Backup Optimization & Recovery

More data means more backup. Optimize your backup and recovery process across hybrid cloud environments to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve workloads.

Cloud Migration

Exponential data growth is accelerating the adoption of the cloud. Leverage automation and analytics to securely move your data onto Azure Cloud.

Backup Optimization & Recovery

Bridge the on-premise to cloud divide, and leverage cloud mobility to scale and manage petabytes of enterprise data across all storage locations.

Data Dynamics Azure Integration


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