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“Data Dynamics is a great example of a Microsoft partner making more possible, with their expertise in hybrid cloud data management and aligning to our focus on empowering digital transformation. Together we help customers intelligently, seamlessly, and securely move data from various storage environments into Microsoft Azure at zero additional cost via Data Dynamics StorageX Migration. We are thrilled to offer this Microsoft preferred solution to customers through Azure Marketplace.”

YVONNE MUENCH - Sr. Director - Marketplace & ISV Journey, Microsoft

Yvonne Muench

Sr. Director - Marketplace & ISV Journey, Microsoft

Data is the backbone of today’s digital economy. It’s a valuable asset, and extracting useful insights from it can greatly benefit businesses. Knowing revenue and costs is not enough anymore. Data helps enterprises understand what influences their KPIs and business goals. It accelerates their digital journey and helps them meet the ever-changing needs of their customers and markets. Deriving valuable insights from existing data gives businesses an edge over their competition, meets trending demands, and helps them remain profitable. 

Data management may be even more daunting for businesses across industries, given the massive sprawl of unstructured data. Did you know that 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, and most companies  analyze 12% of their data? 

Dealing with unstructured data is like a black hole of unknown possibilities and risks. Enterprises are unaware of what’s in there and what they must prepare for. Furthermore, they are entirely oblivious to sensitive information in the sprawl and have no way of securing it while moving to the cloud. They resort to the traditional lift-and-shift approach without data analysis and are prone to incurring more cost, time, and risk. The key is to adopt a data-driven approach and build a strong Cloud foundation. The benefits of this approach are significant.
Here are some of them.

10X higher

60% lower total cost of
data ownership

50% data reduction from primary storage


80% risk


99.64% error rate reduction & 280X reduced cost of error recovery

200% faster cloud
data migration

Accelerate Azure Adoption and Enterprise Modernization with
Intelligent Unified Unstructured Data Management

Data Dynamics is proud to announce its collaboration with Microsoft as part of the Azure File Migration Program, offering $0 migrations into Azure. Together, we aim to establish robust cloud foundations, streamline cloud adoption, minimize risks, and harness unparalleled scale and computing power. Our primary objective is to empower enterprise customers to evolve into Data Custodians of the future. We achieve this by organizing unstructured data and maximizing its value through intelligent Azure data migration, all in a secure, governed, and optimized manner.

Accelerate Azure Adoption and Enterprise Modernization

Business Value Delivered

Intelligent Data Management

Intelligent Data Management across On-Premise, Azure and Hybrid Cloud.

Structuring the unstructured data across heterogeneous and Microsoft

Structuring the unstructured data across heterogeneous and Microsoft data sources with classification tagging based on ownership, access, metadata, and content

Driving intelligent data placement

Driving intelligent data placement where data is placed closest to the applications that meet data governance and compliance requirements

Automated data migrations

Automated data migrations to Azure files, Azure NetApp files & Azure Blob

Automated access control

Automated access control and file security management

3X faster migrations

3X faster migrations, 10X more productivity, and reduced TCO

In-year ROI on software investment

In-year ROI on software investment

Customers’ data growth in Azure applies

Customers’ data growth in Azure applies to their Microsoft Azure Commit to Consume (MACC)

Customer engagement model- training

High-touch customer engagement model- training and 24/7 support

Be Azure Smart.

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How Does Data Dynamics Migrate Data to Azure?

MigrationSMB to SMBNFSv3 to NFSv3Can be combined for multi-protocol
File-to-object archiveSMB to Azure Blob StorageNFSv3 to Azure Blob StorageArchive data to optimize cost
File-to-object replicationSMB to Azure Blob StorageNFSv3 to Azure Blob StorageReplicate data to increase protection
FeaturesS3Azure BlobCross-platformAdvantages
Object-to-object replicationS3 to S3 replicationAzure Blob to Azure BlobS3 to Azure Blob & Azure Blob to S3Replicate data to increase data protection

*Conditions apply

Analytics drives share and export

movement based on your data and query criteria. You identify a set of matching shares/exports to be moved and streamline moving them.

Automated data movement policies

facilitate the transfer or migration of SMB/NFS source files across heterogeneous storage resources. Move an entire share or export to a new share or export.

Automated access control security management

for Security Identifiers (SIDs). Make changes to SIDs, remove orphaned SIDs, and preserve SIDs during file movement.

Cutover Estimation

estimates the time required to move your data. Use the estimate to decide when you will “cutover” when you stop sharing the source and start redirecting users to the file data in the new location.


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Customer Speak

“Data Dynamics has helped improve our efficiency and effectiveness for data migration and management. By quickly analyzing and filtering data sets, they gave us the perfect control over our data and saved us significant time.”

CTO in the Services Industry

“The ability to solve unstructured data migration problems is very impressive. We used Data Dynamics for dark data assessment and workload tiering and were particularly impressed by their solution’s speed and robustness.”

Software Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry

“Migrating unstructured data to Azure was getting very complex, derailing our cloud transformation timelines. That’s where StorageX helped us with data discovery and unstructured data migration in a time-sensitive situation.”

Chief Architect, Fortune 20 Energy Company

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In Focus

The Data Dynamics Difference

Unified view and management of data

Unified view
and management
of data

Versatile solutions for organization

Versatile solutions for organization-wide application

Enterprise-class scalability and flexibility

Enterprise-class scalability and flexibility In-year

In-year ROI on software investment

In-year ROI
on software investment

Industry-leading training

Industry-leading training and 24/7 customer support

Trusted By Global Companies


of the Fortune 100

of data was analyzed & migrated


of net customer retention rate

out of 5 customer support rating


years project
time saved

Total cost of
Storage saved

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