Case studies

78.7% Lower TCO with Smart Data Storage Lifecycle Management


for a Fortune 400 investment banking services company

21k Files with Sensitive Data Detected from 3M Files Scanned for Efficient Risk Management and Remediation


for a Fortune 50 Financial Institution with offices in 50+ countries

250 terabytes of data moved to Azure File Share in 16 days for FREE


for a Fortune 500 multinational mining company

Data Migration from Non-trusted Storage to Azure Cloud Storage


a leading provider of digital payment solutions and services

37.5 Million Directories Migrated with the last sync in 48 Hours using StorageX


for a Fortune 10 US-based Technology Company

190 TB of modern cloud-based data lake in 6 months

CX Solutions

for a fortune 1000 CX technology and services company

59% reduction in cost & 10X increase in productivity with intelligent data lifecycle management


for one of the largest Fortune 50 energy companies

96% reduction in customer outage time and 100% ROI with intelligent data center migration to the cloud.


for one of the world’s largest Fortune 500 Healthcare Data Science Technology Company

600 TBs of data migrated in 20 days and cost savings of millions of dollars in data center closure


for one of the world’s seven multinational energy “supermajors“ Fortune 50 Company