21k Files with Sensitive Data Detected from 3M Files Scanned for Efficient Risk Management and Remediation

for a Fortune 50 Financial Institution with offices in 50+ countries

Business Need

Business Need

  • Data center consolidation across multiple locations globally
  • Identification of sensitive information from the millions of files spread across the globe
  • Sensitive data protection and remediation for enhanced data compliance and governance
Challenges Faced

Challenges Faced

  • Massive unstructured data spread across multiple geographical regions – US, UK, Europe & Asia Pacific
  • Inability to identify sensitive data and levy appropriate data governance and privacy protection measures
  • Difficulty in classifying data to meet regulatory requirements and implementing audits and measurements
  • Concerns related to the risk of moving data to a new S3 platform
Solution Offered

Solution Offered

Intelligent identification of data:

  • A preliminary assessment of data sets and structuring of unstructured data with classification tagging based on ownership, access, metadata, and content

Data analysis to gain knowledge of the data:

  • Content analytics backed by a Data Science Engine for a Single Pane view of sensitive data
  • Risk classification using industry-standard compliance and governance templates
  • Remediation for the identified sensitive data – Quarantine, Secure, and Audit Trail backed by Blockchain

Take appropriate action:

  • Applying intelligence to high-risk sensitive data by isolating it into secure storage with limited access
  • Ensuring role-based access with intelligent file access control and file-repermissioning
  • Creating an immutable audit log backed by blockchain technology to track the data access activities and utilize them for regulatory and internal data governance reporting
  • Data consolidation to drive continuous data protection, governance, and compliance
    Business Impact

    Business Impact

    • 21K files with sensitive data comprising passwords, security certificates, and API tokens detected from 3MN files scanned
    • Increased adherence to regulatory compliance and audit reporting
    • Data consolidation and centralized management of sensitive data present across multiple regions using a unified data management platform comprising Data Mobility, Analytics, Security, and Compliance