Data Security Suite

Security Suite

The Security Suite of the Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform provides the ability to secure and protect personal, private, or business-sensitive data and generate immutable reports with Blockchain technology.

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An Audit Trail You Can Trust

Immutable and Scalable Auditing Using Blockchain Technology

The Security Suite part of the Data Dynamics’ data management platform empowers audit logging that helps you keep track of data usage in general, as well as to monitor accesses to particular files, in order to identify potential misuse and provides additional capabilities to proactively mitigate risk and enables scalable data security remediations.

Smart Security And Protection

Protect Important Data, Maintain Necessary Access

Secure high risk personal or sensitive files by moving them to more secure file or object storage with the Security Suite of the Data Dynamics Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform.

Intelligent file re-permissioning
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Immutable Audit Reporting

Files can be classified and tracked utilizing blockchain technology to create an immutable audit report that can be utilized for regulatory and internal data governance reporting.

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Intelligent File Re-permissioning

Ongoing, policy-driven intelligent file re-permissioning ensures a consistent means to manage file permissions and, in turn, mitigate risk.

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Reduce exposure and risk of rogue data usage by isolating data that has personal or business-sensitive information into secure storage with limited access.


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