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Unleash the full potential of Blockchain technology to secure and protect your personal, private, or business-sensitive data – generating immutable reports, quarantining sensitive data, file-repermissioning, and access control. Your data is in your hands, take control and safeguard it.

80B files of data sprawl optimized with intelligent data management to protect customer privacy and reduce the risk of data exposure.

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An Audit Trail You Can Trust

Immutable and Scalable Auditing Using Blockchain Technology

The Data Dynamics’ Security suite enables audit logging, which allows you to keep track of general data usage as well as monitor accesses to specific files in order to identify potential misuse. It also provides additional capabilities to proactively mitigate risk and enables scalable data security remediation such as moving high risk personal or sensitive files to more secure file or object storage.

How Does the Security Suite Protect Your Data

Immutable Audit Reporting

Files can be classified and tracked utilizing blockchain technology to create an immutable audit report that can be utilized for regulatory and internal data governance reporting.

Intelligent File Re-permissioning

Ongoing, policy-driven intelligent file re-permissioning ensures a consistent means to manage file permissions and, in turn, mitigate risk.


Reduce exposure and risk of rogue data usage by isolating data that has personal or business-sensitive information into secure storage with limited access.

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“Data Dynamics has helped improve our efficiency and effectiveness for data migration and management. By quickly analyzing and filtering data sets, they gave us the perfect control over our data and saved us significant time.”

CTO in the Services Industry

“The product performs faster analysis on huge amounts of data and provides astonishing results on test data. This can result in better data management and reduce cost on the organization by eliminating redundant data.”

Senior Software Engineer, IT Services

“The ability to solve unstructured data migration problems is very impressive. We used Data Dynamics for dark data assessment and workload tiering and were particularly impressed by their solution’s speed and robustness.”

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Manufacturing Industry

21k Files with Sensitive Data Detected from 3M Files Scanned for Efficient Risk Management and Remediation

80B files of data sprawl optimized with intelligent data management to protect customer privacy and reduce the risk of data exposure

Data sharing & rationalization in the marketplace and risk mitigation for 100s of billions of data files using AI and ML

Unleash the power of AI/ML to revolutionize data privacy and protection.

Securing your sensitive information like never before and staying ahead in the digital age.



Unlock the Power of ZERO TRUST: Fortifying Security and Compliance with Unified Data Management


Microsoft Information Protection Integration via Sensitivity Label Management


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