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Manage, process, and secure data from upstream, midstream, and downstream operations with our unified unstructured data management platform.


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Transforming data management in the energy industry has many benefits, including improved operational efficiency and performance. For digitalization and automation, the energy industry is heavily reliant on data. Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform plays a crucial role in improving conventional, unconventional, and midstream operations in the energy industry. By incorporating our data management platform, energy companies can efficiently manage, process, and secure immense datasets from upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.


Employees in the energy industry are more mobile than ever before and require instant access to corporate files, applications, and services. Users being unable to access and share data insights from production, process, supply chain schedules, and sales can have a direct impact on the company’s success. Our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform addresses these challenges by distributing data as required across regional sites, datacenters, and cloud providers.

Immutable Audit Reporting
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Advanced data analytics with regard to an organization’s IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled devices can provide several benefits to oil companies and enable them to gain a competitive edge. With our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform, users can identify IoT devices with IP addresses in files for upstream business and stay ahead of the competition.


The U.S. government and cybersecurity experts have been warning about the vulnerability of the energy industry to ransomware cyberattacks like the one that took Colonial offline in early May 2021. In the energy sector, such cyberattacks can compromise an organization’s information technology, operational technology, and IoT systems. Leverage our data security solutions with our data management platform to quarantine upstream or downstream data and reduce the risk of ransomware.

Immutable Audit Reporting
Insight Analytix UI


The fear of non-compliance is real, especially when federal regulators have imposed $300 thousand to $300 million in fines over the past two years. Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform provides a detailed audit trail to support you in demonstrating compliance by documenting records for safety and OSHA reporting in a secure and immutable manner.


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