Mobility Suite

Migrate with confidence. Unleash the power of intelligent automation for data migrations – meeting the needs and scale of your enterprise, enabling cloud backup, data center consolidation, cloud adoption and more – the future of data migration is here, and it’s yours to seize!

78.7% Lower TCO with Smart Data Storage Lifecycle Management.


Identify The Right Data

Actionable Insights Into
Your Enterprise

Identify workloads and migrate data based on characteristics such as the least-touched files, files owned by specific users or groups, or hundreds of other actionable insights. Discover, Classify, and Analyze all of your unstructured data across all of your environments.

Data In the Right Place

Optimize Your Data

Over 70% of files created in the enterprise are not touched past 30 days after they are created. This means that billions of files annually are stored, replicated, and backed up, using vast amounts of expensive storage, without truly requiring it. With the Data Dynamics Mobility Suite, enterprises can identify redundant, obsolete, trivial, and unused data and tier it to the most cost-effective storage.

Journey to cloud

How Does the Mobility Suite Protect Your Data

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud

Intelligent data mobility at petabyte scale with the Mobility Suite accelerates the journey to the cloud by up to 3x, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Infrastructure Optimization

With the Mobility Suite, enterprises can accelerate their data center consolidations and reduce time-to-complete by up to half, all at a fraction of the cost.

Data Lifecycle Management

Create consistent and automated file management policies that intelligently connect all your data storage resources across all your environments.

Trusted By Global Companies


Fortune 100

Fortune 100 banks and financial institutions

Fortune 500
energy enterprises

Fortune 500 manufacturing enterprises

Top healthcare and lifescience enterprises


“We are excited to partner with Data Dynamics and Microsoft to implement their Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform for mobility, analysis, and optimization of its data in support of major data center consolidations and cloud-first initiatives.”

Chief Architect, Digital Foundations

“Data Dynamics has helped improve our efficiency and effectiveness for data migration and management. By quickly analyzing and filtering data sets, they gave us the perfect control over our data and saved us significant time.”

CTO in the Services Industry

“Migrating unstructured data to Azure was getting very complex, derailing our cloud transformation timelines. That’s where StorageX helped us with data discovery and unstructured data migration in a time-sensitive situation.”

Chief Architect, Fortune 20 Energy Company

600 TBs of data migrated in 20 days and cost savings of millions of dollars in data center closure

40 Petabytes of Data Migrated, Managed, and Consolidated with a Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

78.7% Lower TCO with Smart
Data Storage Lifecycle

Fuel your business growth and innovation by harnessing the power of intelligent data migration and hybrid cloud data management.

Gain a competitive edge in this digital age.

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