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Adopt Hybrid Cloud with Confidence

Hybrid cloud storage solutions are evolving to leverage cloud infrastructure and platform services. These solutions enable enterprises to deliver agility, mobility, resiliency, and operational efficiency for on-premise, edge, and public cloud deployments.

StorageX is a unified solution for hybrid cloud management. With StorageX, you can bridge the cloud divide, and leverage data mobility to scale and manage petabytes of enterprise data, workloads, and mission critical applications to the cloud and across all storage locations. By accelerating the adoption of hybrid cloud, you gain faster time to market and the necessary agility for a competitive advantage.

Unstructured data stored as file or object

StorageX Manages your Unstructured Data Across the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Unstructured Data Across the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Diagram 1: Hybrid Cloud File Management with StorageX

Originally, private and public cloud solutions operated in separate worlds due to different models of resiliency, data services, and APIs. StorageX unifies your data across all your storage platforms to optimize and ensure that your data is available at your fingertips for cloud computing.

Data Visibility

It is essential to gain visibility into your data environment. Your data management strategy must include metadata analytics to gain transparency into your data and successfully operate and leverage a hybrid cloud environment. StorageX Metadata Analytics provides insight into files across cloud and on premise, so that you can manage change, reduce risks, and act on your data with confidence.

Seamless Management and Operational Efficiency

Businesses depend on having reliable, timely, and connected data. With StorageX, your hybrid cloud file management solution has the operational confidence that mission-critical data is delivered for analysis and to the respective applications. This also includes:

  • Monitoring of production data that is moving across the cloud and on premise
  • Issues are flagged during data movement for easy resolve
  • Admins can schedule workloads to any data location

Deliver Hybrid Mobility and Protection

Migrate data bi-directionally for agility and protection across on premise, private cloud, public cloud, and the edge. StorageX is built for scalable performance and data connectivity to address disaster recover from the cloud, backup to the cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment. You can quickly move workloads back and forth between on premise and the cloud to protect your investment, maximize flexibility, and increase productivity.

Use Cases

Deliver Hybrid Mobility and Protection Use Case

Figure 1: Insight AnalytiX Privacy Risk Classifier

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