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It is common for healthcare providers, public health organizations, insurance companies, pharmacies, and individual patients to duplicate data, collect that data multiple times, and store the duplicated data in different locations and on different storage systems. One of the challenges is a lack of “one source of truth” for information regarding a patient’s wellbeing. Due to this, health care providers are increasingly moving to cloud-based IT systems that harness data and analytics tools to enable smart, real-time digital health. With our scalable, unified unstructured data management platform, healthcare data is streamlined and secured, data classification is effective, and patient data is safeguarded with the utmost compliance and efficiency.


Data mobility helps doctors make crucial decisions about critical care by providing timely access to personal health-related data. This mobility has also allowed medical devices to move closer to a patient’s point-of-care by rapidly providing access to critical data. Utilize our acclaimed data management platform to protect and streamline the clinical data exchange among practitioners, patients, and healthcare organizations.


The classification of personal health information (PHI) should be a top priority for healthcare organizations, because civil and monetary penalties for unauthorized disclosures or breaches of PHI are increasing and hackers are becoming more interested in the data. Use our data management platform to classify patient data for retention, deletion, or future queries. Such data classification ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data at the right time and at the right place.


According to Becker’s Hospital Review, more than 90% of health care organizations lose data due to breaches. A healthcare organization must ensure proper handling of patient data not only to comply with strict data privacy laws and regulations but to establish trust and transparency with patients. Safeguarding confidential patient data and ensuring chain of custody can be made very easy with Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform.


There are many challenges in discovering data in healthcare systems, which makes auditing and meeting regulatory requirements much more difficult. Our data management platform provides a solution to this problem by demonstrating that patient data storage and management is in compliance with HIPAA. Healthcare organizations can better position themselves for regulatory compliance by using our efficient auditing, which complements the various controls that can be used to enforce data governance policies.


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