Remediate data compliance risks

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Mitigate the risk of sensitive data access and misuse through a multi-approver remediation workflow and immutable audit logs powered by blockchain.

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Robust Multi-approver Remediation Workflows

Instantly Remediate Data Exposure Risks
with ControlX

ControlX empowers enterprises to mitigate risk, drive data security remediation and increase data compliance & governance. ControlX offers the ability to quarantine at-risk datasets, intelligently re-permission files, all while creating an immutable audit log powered by blockchain technology. The software is completely API driven and can be integrated to a workflow that lessens the rogue data exposure and ensures effective access management. Audit logs on classified files offer data compliance reporting for internal governance and external regulatory reporting.

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Quarantine Sensitive Data

Quickly and securely migrate sensitive data from its current storage location to a more secure location, such as a share on a file storage resource or an object storage bucket.

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Restrict Access to Sensitive Data

Remediation Analysts can choose to secure files from unnecessary access. This is achieved by excluding public access from the reported sensitive files.


Blockchain-backed Audit Trail

Blockchain technology built in to ControlX is implemented to provide a scalable and immutable audit trail.