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Mitigate the risk of sensitive data access and misuse through a multi-approver remediation workflow and immutable audit logs powered by blockchain.

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Robust Multi-approver Remediation Workflows

Instantly Remediate Data Exposure Risks
with ControlX

ControlX empowers enterprises to mitigate risk, drive data security remediation and increase data compliance & governance. ControlX offers the ability to quarantine at-risk datasets, intelligently re-permission files, all while creating an immutable audit log powered by blockchain technology. The software is completely API driven and can be integrated to a workflow that lessens the rogue data exposure and ensures effective access management. Audit logs on classified files offer data compliance reporting for internal governance and external regulatory reporting.

Quarantine Sensitive Data

Quarantine Sensitive Data

Quickly and securely migrate sensitive data from its current storage location to a more secure location, such as a share on a file storage resource or an object storage bucket.

Restrict Access to Sensitive Data

Restrict Access to Sensitive Data

Remediation Analysts can choose to secure files from unnecessary access. This is achieved by excluding public access from the reported sensitive files.

Blockchain-backed Audit Trail

Blockchain-backed Audit Trail

Blockchain technology built in to ControlX is implemented to provide a scalable and immutable audit trail.

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“Data Dynamics has helped improve our efficiency and effectiveness for data migration and management. By quickly analyzing and filtering data sets, they gave us the perfect control over our data and saved us significant time.”

CTO in the Services Industry

“The ability to solve unstructured data migration problems is very impressive. We used Data Dynamics for dark data assessment and workload tiering and were particularly impressed by their solution’s speed and robustness.”

Software Engineer in the
Manufacturing Industry

“Data Dynamics has helped a lot in terms of data duplication and protection. It makes it simple for reporting data. It is a very useful software.”

Manager, IT Services Industry

700 TB of data scanned, categorized, and quarantined to avoid sanctions and reputational loss.

80B files of data sprawl optimized with intelligent data management to protect customer privacy and reduce the risk of data exposure

21k Files with Sensitive Data Detected from 3M Files Scanned for Efficient Risk Management and Remediation

Elevate data compliance and governance to new heights with greater visibility, oversight and control.

Fortify your infrastructure and safeguard your business for the future.



Unlock the Power of ZERO TRUST: Fortifying Security and Compliance with Unified Data Management

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Mitigate Privacy Risks with
Data Analytics

Microsoft Information Protection Integration via Sensitivity Label Management

Minimize Data Exposure Risks with Strong Remediation Workflows


Simplifying Data Governance in a Hybrid Cloud Era

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