Machine Learning Powered Data Insights

Analytics Suite

Content and Contextual file analysis for risk assessment, privacy assessment, storage visibility, and infrastructure optimization.

Data Discovery

Demystify Unstructured Data

Enterprises are generating data at an exponential pace, typically growing their unstructured data by over 30-40% year over year. That growth is creating a data deluge with limited to no visibility into the context (metadata) or content of the data. Gain critical insights into unstructured file metadata for storage visibility and infrastructure optimization.

Understand Your Data

Privacy Risk Identification and Classification

Content analytics provides risk analysis for personal and business sensitive data to help ensure compliance and security. Analyze unstructured data to extract patterns or insights that empower informed decisions about data governance.

Explore Untapped Potential

Turn Static Data Into a Valuable Resource

The Analytics Suite uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to transform data from simply existing since creation in a stored state into aligned and refined data for business value.

Data About the Data

Characteristics such as file ownership, when files were created, when files were last accessed, and what type and size files they are just some of the data points captured and provided for reporting and decision making.

Personal Data

With the Analytics Suite, personal data can be identified via built-in templates or customized as required. The Suite provides risk analysis functionality that ranks files based on the type and amounts of personal data that are found.

Business Sensitive Data

As a result of daily operational activity, business-sensitive information is stored in files on a daily basis.  Access to this type of information by competitors can create a significant business loss.


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