3+ Petabytes of Unstructured Data Analyzed, Cleansed, Tiered, and Archived Using a Lightweight Single Data Management Software

for a Fortune 50 multinational automotive company

Business Need

  • Getting data insight (metadata) into file share environment
  • Data cleansing, tiering and archival after analysis
  • Data access management
  • Self-service portal for admins to provide access to specific owners of the Shares
  • Data storage optimization

Challenges Faced

  • More than three petabytes of unstructured data in a NetApp/Isilon File Share Environment
  • A dark data sprawl residing across an entire file share environment
  • Increasing storage costs due to lack of unstructured data storage optimization
  • The missing link between data and business value
  • Challenges in ensuring the right access to the right people to the right data

Solution Offered

Data Dynamic’s Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform – StorageX:

  • Single and unified software to manage the unstructured data sprawl of more than three petabytes residing on NetApp/Isilon File Share environment
  • Assessment, identification, and classification of data for better search and storage optimization
  • Custom tagging extended data search results for deep analytics and data tiering
  • The automated, policy-based approach for maximized user data access
  • Creating an immutable audit log backed by blockchain technology to track the data access activities
  • Intelligent data insights for data-driven business and higher governance and risk mitigation

    Business Impact

    • Metadata-driven data management
    • Identified dark data for storage optimization
    • Dynamic storage scaling on basis of changing workloads
    • Data governance across data silos
    • Role-based access and privacy controls
    • Data intelligence to modernize the data estate and reduce the data sprawl