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Unified Unstructured Data Management Intelligently Modernizes Data in a Digital World

The world is moving towards digital transformation in every sphere, and with that, the high-tech industry is looking for ways to improve critical operations using data and analytics. Even though high-tech enterprises routinely gather, analyze, and report on data across their business functions, events occurring in real-time and the need to develop ecosystem intelligence both call for long-term data management strategies designed to boost agility. With our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform, high-tech companies can continuously innovate their analytics platforms and evolve how their data is processed, strengthening their market leadership and competitive differentiation.


Throughout the next decade, the amount of data worldwide is predicted to double every two years, with most growth coming from unstructured data. Ensuring that data is accurate and reliable enables businesses to derive the most value from their data, leading to process improvement and increased efficiency. Our data management platform ensures effective data life-cycle management across teams to optimize infrastructure use.

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Today, large organizations and small businesses have the common problem of being overflowing with data but are under-equipped to analyze and extract useful information from that data. To give a competitive edge and to accelerate time to market, our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform can extract business data efficiently. This equips businesses with smart, long-term data management strategies.


To reduce the risk of improper data exposure and data loss, the use of Data Dynamics’ data discovery and classification technology lets you control user access to data and avoid storing sensitive data in unsecure locations. As a part of our data management platform, we include data isolation features to protect personal and business information from rogue usage.

Immutable Audit Reporting
Insight Analytix UI


Silicon Valley in California is the center of the High Tech world. CCPA, or the California Consumer Privacy Act, was passed in 2018 and went into effect January 1st, 2020. In addition to being one of the toughest consumer protection laws, the CCPA takes a broad view of what constitutes private data and imposes hefty fines for data breaches. Data Dynamics’ data management platform ensures compliance with state-wide privacy laws and helps organizations to meet CCPA requirements.


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