Dive into the World of Data Management: The French Storage Podcast Featuring an In-depth Interview with Piyush Mehta

83% of organizations see data as an integral part of their business strategy, yet 69% say inaccurate data continues to undermine their efforts (Experien). What’s the missing link? Why are organizations failing to gather maximum insights from their data? Why is data becoming a liability instead of an asset?  The possible answer is using point solutions and siloed views instead of holistic data management. 

Recently Piyush Mehta, CEO of Data Dynamics, was interviewed by Philippe Nicolas as a part of  the French Storage Podcast to talk through the real-world challenges in data management and the need for a unified solution that gives enterprises a single pane view into their data. He also spoke about business-critical areas like data analytics, mobility, security, and compliance, the role of Data Dynamics in consolidating solutions for each of these areas into one unified platform, its impact on enterprises, and the business value. Here’s a peek into the exclusive interview with Piyush.

Question 1. StorageX has existed for a long time, and the market pretty well adapts to it. Tell us about the journey of StorageX.

Piyush:  The journey of StorageX is well known in the Storage arena globally. It is well known for its large-scale migrations. StorageX was initially a mobility product, but it has evolved into a platform that drives aggregate unstructured data management. Over the last ten years, Data Dynamics has helped enterprise customers accelerate their digital journey and has helped them understand their data, enabling better analytics, security, compliance, and governance. 

Question 2. What is the story of Data Dynamics, and when was it started?

Piyush: We started Data Dynamics in 2012. This year we will celebrate the 10th birthday of the company. In 2012 we acquired the initial IP from Brocade and raised the initial angel round, but the organization bootstrapped through organic growth. The need for next-generation data mobility drove profitability out of every transaction we made, and our capabilities evolved with the changing needs of our customers. 

Question 3. Tell us more about Data Dynamics in terms of figures.

Piyush: The company has grown significantly in the last ten years. We have teams sprawled across the globe with a presence in US, APAC, and EMEA. We now have an eight-figure ARR and a triple-digit net customer retention rate. Our team is now strong with 120 employees. Data Dynamics has achieved and exceeded all the financial metrics and has consistently proved its merit as a successful and growing company.

Question 3. Please illustrate the key pillars of your platform.

Piyush: The unique difference we provide in the market is the single software platform for data management. This platform allows us to be aggregate and provides a single installation that will enable enterprises with end-to-end data management, including storage optimization, data migration, and drives analytics for security and compliance. Typically, Enterprise customers have point solutions for each of these needs- Mobility, Analytics, Security, and Compliance. We have aggregated those all in a single platform considering the needs of various roles such as CDOs, CISOs, and CIOs. This allows you to garner maximum value from your data and extract actionable insights – more than plain and simple data management.  

Question 4. What about the enterprise use cases?

Piyush: Most of our customers use our analytics capabilities to understand risk, access, and knowledge of open shares. This information allows them to assess if they are meeting compliance norms and are adhering to regulatory standards such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more. Another use case is that after identifying data, the enterprise needs to move, quarantine an archive for better security, or even move it to the cloud for optimization.  All of this is possible with a holistic solution provided by Data dynamics. Be it data-driven decision making, secure sharing of data, protection against ransomware, immutable audit logs, compliance & governance, or in-year ROI via optimization, the platform can do it all.

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Question 5. What is your definition of the Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform?

Piyush: There are many good point solutions available in the market, but enterprises must run their data through 20 different point solutions to meet their data needs. Data Dynamics’ unified unstructured data management platform offers a single software platform, a central mechanism to cater to the data management needs of the enterprises, making it a unique, innovative, and holistic solution for data management. 

Question 6. What are the key differentiators of Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management?

Piyush: There are multiple competitors with good data management products, but none fall in the end-to-end data management platform category. With Data Dynamics’ platform, enterprises can leverage a  holistic approach for mobility, metadata analytics, security, and compliance. Procurement teams can save on pain of sourcing 20 different point solutions for the same data set.  Data Dynamics’ single platform can play all those roles with a single installation.

Question 7. What is Data Dynamics’ vision?

Piyush: Our innovative platform is receiving a good response. We are continuously evolving it to add support of Hadoop and Block-storage, actionability, and reporting, which will make it a holistic data management solution in all aspects. The opportunity ahead of us is massive, and we are still in the early stages of the journey. As the data sprawl continues to grow, the need to have such an aggregated platform that can support the multitude of areas across the business is an absolute necessity. And we believe that we are pioneering a new way of thinking about data management across infrastructure, content, compliance, governance, and security. 

To listen to the complete interview, tune in to the podcast here- The French Storage Podcast.

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