Why Are Fortune 500 Enterprises Increasingly Trusting Storagex for Their Cloud Data Migrations?

Highlight: Azure File Migration Program – zero license cost migrations into Azure with Data Dynamics’ StorageX, sponsored by Microsoft

With cloud computing, highly dynamic and scalable infrastructures are now possible. Businesses often cite cloud adoption as a business priority. The first step towards realizing this priority is migrating enterprise data to the cloud. In an era where IT systems are increasingly externalized, partnering with a cloud migration services provider becomes paramount for long-term success. Migrating data centers to the cloud require a pragmatic and thoughtful cloud migration strategy. It has to be on-time, seamless, risk-free, and cost-effective. 

The first step is to identify a cloud service provider who fits the organization’s business goal. Cloud services and providers offer various features to fit into the needs of an organization based on their size and type. Let’s take Microsoft Azure, for instance. As of 2021, the Azure cloud platform encompasses more than 200 cloud services and products. They are suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, financial services, government, and retail. The Azure platform is a popular choice for businesses today. Almost 70 percent of organizations worldwide use Microsoft Azure for their cloud services. To meet the diverse needs of its global customer base and accelerate an organization’s journey, Microsoft continually evolves the Azure portfolio. It introduces new programs to make cloud migration effortless and cost-effective. 

The latest addition is the Azure File Migration Program – zero license cost migrations into Azure with Data Dynamics’ StorageX, sponsored by Microsoft. Through this program, Microsoft and Data Dynamics aim to help organizations address some of their most critical challenges in the cloud migration lifecycle, such as cost, speed, talent, and risk. Customers can register their migration project information with Data Dynamics and start moving data today. Click here to know more – https://www.datadynamicsinc.com/microsoft/


  1. Migration into Azure at no software cost to end customers.
  2. Automated, policy-based data migration from heterogeneous storage resources into Microsoft Azure cloud.
  3. Comprehensive Azure file storage endpoint support
  4. Automated access control and file security management.
  5. 3X faster migrations, 10X more productivity, and lower risk.

Microsoft Azure and Data Dynamics’ StorageX enable easy, safe, and secure migration of file and object data to Azure Storage. A cloud-native environment can be established for legacy applications by migrating them to containers. Enterprises will receive form Data Dynamics free migration software licensing, training, support, and an onboarding session with best practices to help customers migrate to Azure.

Click here to check out how Data Dynamics utilized the Azure File Migration Program to help one of the world’s seven multinational energy “supermajors” Fortune 50 companies accelerate its net zero emission goals while driving digital transformation.

What gives Data Dynamics’ StorageX a competitive edge!

With StorageX, data analytics and mobility are integrated into hybrid cloud environments. Our globally recognized and award-winning StorageX software now supports cloud-to-cloud mobility, along with migrations to Azure File, Azure Blob, and Google S3 Object Storage.

Through StorageX, enterprises can modernize their infrastructure to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and automate policies. The product recently helped one of the largest energy companies migrate 600 TB of data into Azure in just 20 days!!! Read the case study here.

10 Key factors that set StorageX apart:

  • Migrate & manage petabytes of data!
    1. Statista predicts global data creation will grow to more than 180 zettabytes in the next five years. Hundreds of petabytes of data churn each year make a data migration and management platform crucial to efficiently handling such oceans of data.
    2. With StorageX, you can manage petabyte-scale environments, support 1000s of policies, and quickly scan 10s of billions of files from a single management console.
    3. Prefix filtering, versioning support, and preserving retention periods simplify heterogeneous petabytes of object storage migrations. While ensuring scalability, these functionalities streamline the data migration process.
    4. This functionality gives StorageX a competitive edge since most competitors can only handle 100s terabytes of data.
  • Policy-driven, automated data migration
    StorageX uses automatic, policy-based file data migration to move heterogeneous data from heterogeneous storage to Azure storage, ensuring minimal to no risk thanks to automatic access control and file security management.
  • Heterogenous environment
    1. In the current market, not many solutions offer the capability of scaling out to meet performance needs and to adapt to complex heterogeneous environments, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on-premises.
    2. StorageX can scale out for maximum performance and adapt to hybrid, multi-cloud, and legacy environments.
  • Using analytics to enrich data
    1. By providing distributed, real-time insight into data across different parts of the data stack, StorageX offers metadata discovery and tagging as well as data discovery and data enrichment. Metadata analytics provide actionable insights to manage your IT business processes.
    2. A policy-driven approach can then place workloads across local and public clouds once a workload is identified and tagged.
    3. The actionable insights StorageX provides to manage enterprise IT business processes further enable them to take concrete steps to address potential problems. For example, an enterprise may migrate or archive data as needed to optimize its infrastructure and reduce risk.
  • Data Replication
    1. As opposed to other migration solutions, StorageX allows migration in phases, preserving the original copies and simultaneously performing baseline and incremental copies to ensure that new, locked, or recently modified files on the source are replicated on the destination and that migration completion can be completed be verified.
    2. StorageX Replication supports files of any size across distributed heterogeneous data environments for CIFS- or NFS-compatible storage. 
    3. StorageX File to Object Replication offers a scalable, secure, and automated solution for replicating enterprise file data to object storage and maintaining consistency between file and object storage.
    4. Replicate objects to or from any Azure Blob object storage resource and replicate from an Azure Blob resource to an S3-compliant resource, or from S3-compliant to Azure Blob, rather than being limited to one particular type of object-store.
  • Automated Cutover
    In the cutover phase, StorageX namespace management abstracts a physical data storage environment into a logical view, along with migration policies to automatically update DFS namespace links that refer to the old source to the new destination.
  • API Integration
    1. With StorageX’s API ecosystem, you can easily automate and orchestrate processes and workflows.
    2. It simplifies the migration process in a heterogeneous environment by providing templates that guide best policy creation and management practices, which can be configured and managed via a robust suite of API.
  • No Data Stubbing
    1. StorageX is the only solution where access to your data is always native, never in the data path.. There is no gateway, no file virtualization, no proprietary namespace, or stubs to maintain. 
    2. StorageX is never involved in the data path; customers always own their data and have direct access to their data.
  • Versatile Azure Support
    Ability to create policies intelligently to move specific data into different cloud storage tiers, including Azure Files (Premium, TX Optimized, Hot, Cool), Azure NetApp Files (Ultra, Premium, Standard), Azure Blob (Premium, Hot, Cool).
  • Holistic Data Management – Security and governance go hand-in-hand with data migration
    1. StorageX takes a comprehensive approach when optimizing data location and migrating to efficient storage solutions. 
    2. It’s fully featured,  where each solution is architected from the start to meet specific data challenges for the data management and governance personas. 
    3. By enhancing file storage management with StorageX, customers can gain real-time insight and automate file security, anomaly detection, intelligent multi-cloud, and metadata and access pattern analytics to improve data management.
    4. StorageX is part of Data Dynamics unified unstructured data management platfform that also includes a robust data management and governance solution that uses CIFS/NFS/S3/Azure protocols for file discovery, classification, transfer, automated access control, and audit logging.
    5. The solutions available in the market often focus on one aspect of cloud migration, overlooking critical data security and governance features!

Through StorageX, organizations can migrate to the cloud at a 3X faster speed, achieve 10X higher efficiency, cut overall storage costs by 50% and reduce risk. Accelerate your journey to the cloud with the best migration product and the best program!

Leverage intelligent, compliant, policy-based, zero-cost migrations into Azure with StorageX. Click to register for the program or email us at azure@datdyn.com

You can also join our upcoming webinar to learn about StorageX and the Azure File Migration Program on 24th February 2022 at 11:00 AM EST. Topic: ‘Migrate your data to Azure like a boss with StorageX at Zero Cost.’ Click here to watch the replay.

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