Data Dynamics and NetApp Collaborate to Deliver Intelligent File Management and Object-based Storage that Accelerates Business Transformation

Combined Solution Empowers Enterprises to Meet the Challenge of Managing Massive Storage Environments While Extracting Value from Data Assets to Improve Critical Decision Making

TEANECK, N.J.– January 16, 2017 – Data Dynamics, a leader in intelligent file management, today announced a collaboration to empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize data assets for true business transformation.

Together, NetApp’s StorageGRID object-based storage solution with Data Dynamics StorageX offering creates an enterprise-grade business archive that enables organizations to meet critical business requirements while reducing costs. With StorageX, enterprises can rapidly deploy and manage petabytes of archive storage, while extracting value from data to drive better decision-making and increased agility.

NetApp StorageGRID is a software-defined, object-based storage solution that provides intelligent policy-driven data management. The ability to manage data while optimizing durability, protection, performance, and even physical placement across multiple geographies is key to meeting business requirements while reducing costs. StorageGRID provides industry-leading Amazon S3 API compatibility with advanced Amazon S3 features, including object versioning, multipart upload, and AWS identity and access management–styled access policies.

“The digital economy requires organizations to rethink their approach to data management as data is no longer a tactical resource to be managed in rigid and isolated storage resources,” said Eric Stoltman, vice president and general manager, HSG, NetApp. “Today, data is a strategic asset and it needs to be managed in a dynamic and flexible storage environment. StorageX from Data Dynamics is a preferred solution to analyze file data, perform data analytics and data tagging, and move and manage data to NetApp StorageGRID object-based storage.”

The StorageX software platform provides analytics driven policy-based data movement capabilities that enable and empower a heterogeneous data fabric. The integration with NetApp StorageGRID provides:

  • Analytics to identify workloads that can move to StorageGrid based on business need
  • Custom tagging and keying of data for future query
  • Creation of objects on StorageGRID
  • Metadata driven policies that can be scheduled and run on an ongoing basis
  • Movement to StorageGRID while providing native S3-based access control
  • Retrieval with, or without the use of StorageX

“Unstructured data growth continues to accelerate and exasperate storage administrators and lines of business, as the costs and complexity to manage it grows far more than the reduction in the unit cost of storage,” said Piyush Mehta, CEO of Data Dynamics. “Utilizing the StorageX software platform, enterprise customers are able to analyse their existing data and automate workload placement to when and where they want the data. Our integration with StorageGRID allows for dynamic onramp to an industry proven S3-based platform, while providing native means of accessing the archived data. The ability to scale the amount of storage that StorageGRID can offer and to do so at a fraction of traditional storage costs is a compelling business justification to leverage the joint solution.”

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Data Dynamics is a leader in intelligent file management solutions that empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize critical data across hybrid, cloud and object-based storage infrastructures for true business transformation. Its award-winning StorageX platform eliminates vendor lock-in and provides a policy-based, storage management platform to provide the insight, agility, and operational efficiency to transform your data assets into competitive advantage. Used today by 24 of the top Fortune 100 companies, StorageX has optimized more than 160 PB of storage, saving more than 80 years in project time and $80 million in total storage costs. For more information, please visit:

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