Data Dynamics Releases August/ September “Mehta-Data” Podcast | Are Governance Issues A Concern In Your 2019 Budget Preparations?

Are Governance Issues A Concern In Your 2019 Budget Preparations?

Plan To Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive For 2019 Data Management Needs

TEANECK, N.J.– September 18, 2018 – Are you preparing your 2019 budget, and have concerns about providing enough funds for proactive data enterprise governance?  Data Dynamics, a leader in intelligent file management, provides some solutions in its Mehta-Data© podcast on industry trends for data file management and migration.

Company CEO Piyush Mehta,  nicknamed the “Dean of Data,” says most digital enterprises worry more about meeting governance requirements than what such proactive planning actually means to their company. “Most people are looking at governance in the wrong way, and see it as more regulatory than internal efficiency driven.

“When people are running a disaster recovery test as a means of governance, it is done to make sure that it passes to avoid any kind of risk relative to the compliance issues from an external governance body. Embracing governance from a productivity standpoint rather than a checkbox that needs to be done for regulations sake is imperative,” says Mehta.

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