Data Dynamics Unveils Groundbreaking Data Migration Enhancements to Drive Efficiency, Compliance, and Versatility

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NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 / — Data Dynamics, a leading innovator in data management solutions, is proud to announce a series of groundbreaking enhancements to its flagship data migration and analytics software StorageX, with a focus on OneDrive migration and Microsoft Information Protection Integration. These transformative features are designed to empower organizations to efficiently and seamlessly manage their data while maintaining compliance across hybrid clouds at enterprise-class scale.

In today’s data-driven landscape, businesses face the challenge of driving workforce productivity, collaboration, and data security across the enterprise hybrid cloud. Businesses need a way to optimize data migration processes while ensuring data integrity, security, and adherence to compliance regulations. StorageX’s latest enhancements address these critical needs, delivering a range of benefits that promise to revolutionize data migration and management practices.

Key Advancements:

Empowering Effortless OneDrive Data Migration: StorageX’s seamless integration with Microsoft OneDrive revolutionizes cloud-bound data migration. This integration streamlines the transition from on-premises storage to Microsoft OneDrive’s cloud storage resource. By simplifying the OneDrive migration process, businesses can unlock streamlined workflows, reduce operational costs, and elevate data accessibility for remote teams. With data securely residing in the cloud, teams can collaborate with newfound efficacy, driving heightened productivity and innovation. Moreover, this integration aligns seamlessly with the widespread adoption of Microsoft 365 in enterprise environments, positioning it as a strategic move to enhance compatibility and value for an expansive user base. Learn more.

Ensuring Data Compliance and Security via Sensitivity Label Management: StorageX’s integration with Microsoft Information Protection and Azure Information Protection via Sensitivity Label Management represents a monumental leap in data security and compliance governance during migrations. This potent capability equips organizations to seamlessly identify and manage sensitive data within files located on home shares, SMB shares, and other data repositories. It plays a pivotal role in fortifying sensitive information against potential threats and ensuring adherence to data security, governance, and regulatory mandates. What sets this feature apart is its automated scanning of files for sensitivity labels, providing insights into data classification. This not only mitigates the risk of data breaches and compliance violations but also strengthens an organization’s reputation and trustworthiness. This feature is especially invaluable for sectors with stringent data protection standards, such as healthcare and finance. It not only strengthens data security but also simplifies the compliance journey, ultimately leading to reduced legal risks and potential financial penalties. Click here to learn more.

Additional Enhancements:

Effortless Data Classification with NTFS Tag Management: This feature enables efficient scanning and management of NTFS tags within files on home shares and SMB shares. Storage Admins can gather metadata, identify tagged and untagged files, and streamline data classification. It improves compliance, efficiency, data security, and data organization.

Operational Savings via Cloud Object Storage Consolidation and Data Management: Cloud Object Storage can be segmented and consolidated by applying standardized or custom prefixes to object storage buckets or folders, this functionality simplifies data replication, streamlines data management tasks, and reduces operational costs. Whether you operate in heterogeneous storage environments, collaborate with multiple teams, or need to ensure compliance, this feature empowers you to enhance efficiency and achieve substantial cost savings in your cloud storage operations.

Compatibility Expansion to Support Additional NFS-based File Systems: This feature broadens compatibility by integrating with various NFS-based file systems, including distributed and clustered file systems like Lustre. This compatibility expansion allows organizations to leverage their technology investments effectively and potentially generate additional revenue streams.

“StorageX is committed to empowering organizations with the capabilities they need to manage their data effectively in an ever-evolving digital landscape,” said Cuong Le, Chief Strategy Officer at Data Dynamics. “Our recent advancements, including the integration of OneDrive and Microsoft Information Protection, empower enterprises to boost workforce productivity and foster collaboration seamlessly across on-premise and cloud-based data repositories while maintaining strict compliance and security standards.”

These advancements in data migration align with Data Dynamics’ mission to provide versatile and future-proof data management solutions that help businesses unlock the true potential of their data assets.

For more information about StorageX and its latest data migration enhancements, click here.

About Data Dynamics:
Data Dynamics is a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions, helping organizations structure their unstructured data with their Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform. The platform encompasses four modules- Data Analytics, Mobility, Security, and Compliance. Proven in over 300 enterprises, including 28 Fortune 100 organizations, the Platform uses a blend of automation, AI, ML, and blockchain technologies and scales to meet the requirements of global enterprise workloads. With Data Dynamics, enterprise customers can eliminate the use of individual point solutions with siloed data views. Instead, they can utilize a single software platform to structure their unstructured data, unlock data-driven insights, secure data, ensure compliance and governance, and drive cloud data management.

Ultimately, the company’s vision is to help enterprises achieve data democratization so that users, no matter their technical background, can instantly access, understand, and derive maximum insights from unstructured data sprawls.

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