Lenovo Professional Services Partners with Data Dynamics to Offer Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series File Migration Services Powered by StorageX

TEANECK, N.J. (PRWEB), August 4, 2020 – Data Dynamics® announced today their global partnership with Lenovo Professional Services to offer Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series File Migration services powered by StorageX. The service provides customers with an enterprise class file migration service option that can be ordered with the purchase of their new ThinkSystem DM Series storage.


File migration from legacy systems to new platforms can provide many challenges to companies as Gartner estimates that 50% of data migrations fail in one or more of the following areas: 


1) Over budget

2) Overrun project schedule

3) Do harm to the business1.  


The problem is only getting worse over time as unstructured data growth continues unabated and post Covid-19 IT budget constraints do not allow for failure.


The Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series File Migration service gives Lenovo customers the ability to eliminate the headaches and risks associated with file migration as well as improve the time to value of their ThinkSystem DM Series storage system purchase.  Lenovo Professional Services file migration experts coordinate with customers to plan and safely and efficiently execute the migration of legacy file data to their new ThinkSystem DM Series storage platform.


With data driving most organizations today, enterprises globally are investing heavily into building a strong data strategy that aligns with their business goals to remain competitive in their industry. The Data Dynamics – Lenovo partnership brings together valuable capabilities in business and technology to help support clients through successful digital and business transformation.


“Many storage vendors focus solely on selling the storage and not on helping customers gain the maximum value from their purchase by allowing them to struggle with migrating their legacy file data because it is too hard” says Cuong Le, SVP of Operations. “This offering addresses this issue and provides organizations with the ability to have their data available for them where they need it and when they need it. It’s a prime example of collaborating to help customers accelerate innovation, execute on a digital data strategy, and significantly drive down cost.  We are happy that Lenovo Professional Services has chosen our StorageX solution, which is part of our Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform, which also provides enterprise class solutions for Metadata Analytics, Archive, Replication & Sync (File to File, File to Object), and DSF Management.”


“In today’s growing digital economy, data is evolving and is forcing businesses to be strategic in their approach to managing, storing, and protecting their data across trusted storage platforms,” said Kamran Amini, VP & GM of Data Center and Software Defined Infrastructures at Lenovo. “Our customers are keenly aware that their data is an invaluable asset. Lenovo’s collaboration with Data Dynamics enables customers to not only protect but more effectively harness those assets as a strategic part of their Intelligent Transformation by creating optimized data environments with Lenovo’s award-winning storage and Data Dynamics’ StorageX offering.” 


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About Data Dynamics

Data Dynamics is a leader in intelligent file management solutions that empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage, and modernize critical data across hybrid, cloud, and object-based storage infrastructures for true business transformation. Its award-winning StorageX platform eliminates vendor lock-in and provides a policy-based, storage management platform to provide insight, agility, and operational efficiency to transform your data assets into a competitive advantage.


Used today by 26 of the top Fortune 100 companies, StorageX has optimized 350+ PB of storage, saving more than 170 years in project time and $170 million in total storage costs. For more information, please visit: https://www.datadynamicsinc.com or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.


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