Data Dynamics Sweeps SDC Awards with Three Prestigious Wins

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / — Data Dynamics, the industry leader in Unified Unstructured Data Management, was recently honored with three prestigious SDC awards for their data management, storage transformation, and storage management solutions.

Data Management Innovation of the Year (Winner): Enterprises, through acquisitions, varying departmental needs, and data sprawl, have numerous disparate point solutions for managing their data.   Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform combines its award-winning products StorageX, Insight AnalytiX, and ControlX to deliver a single software solution that handles all the challenges business faces today. It allows you to unlock data-driven insights, secure data, ensure compliance and governance, and manage hybrid cloud data sources. Plus, with the platform’s storage optimization capabilities, you can review your data and decide what to keep, archive for later use, or discard. With these multifaceted solutions in one simple package, enterprises can eliminate individual point solutions with siloed data views and instead use a single software platform to structure their unstructured data.

Storage Transformation of the Year (Winner) and Storage Management Innovation of the Year (Runner up): Data Dynamics was awarded Storage Transformation Innovation of the Year for their enterprise data migration software StorageX, dedicated to unstructured data management. It delivers automated policy-based data migration with no vendor lock-in and enables seamless data center migration and consolidation, cloud data migration, and storage optimization. The software is highly available and scalable by design and operates as the enterprise data backbone across sites and storage entities. It is central in consolidating management and control operations with advanced Universal Data Engines and an intuitive administrative portal. StorageX’s intelligent multi-cloud, agile metadata, and access pattern analytics allow for granular insights into file attributes such as identifying inactive data & its age, open file shares, orphaned files, ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial), applications are driving capacity, users using the capacity for bill-back/charge-back purposes. This represents the right companion for storage administrators and managers to control hybrid cloud and on-premise data environments – all while ensuring that you’re intelligently managing your data, getting maximum insights from it in a secured and governed manner, and optimizing it with a combination of file and object storage. Enterprises can now easily upgrade their infrastructure using StorageX to drive transformation, profitability, and efficiency.

The SDC Awards are solely dedicated to recognizing and rewarding achievement in the goods and services that serve as the foundation for digital transformation. With the recent victories at the SDC Awards, Data Dynamics will end the year with a total of 21 accolades in 2022, proving its dedication to providing fantastic customer service and being at the forefront of data innovation.

About Data Dynamics
Data Dynamics is a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions, helping organizations structure their unstructured data with their Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform. The platform encompasses four modules- Data Analytics, Mobility, Security, and Compliance. Proven in over 28 Fortune 100 organizations, the Platform uses a blend of automation, AI, ML, and blockchain technologies and scales to meet the requirements of global enterprise workloads. With Data Dynamics, enterprise customers can eliminate the use of individual point solutions with siloed data views. Instead, they can utilize a single software platform to structure their unstructured data, unlock data-driven insights, secure data, ensure compliance and governance and drive cloud data management. Ultimately, the company’s vision is to help enterprises achieve data democratization so that users, no matter their technical background, can instantly access, understand, and derive maximum insights from unstructured data sprawls.

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